Your man’s gotta answer for his words, Burr.

-Hamilton (Listening to this a lot since I downloaded it)

Just a quick rant before I talk about comics.

Kind of expanding on what I was thinking about with honesty the other day, I was thinking the inverse.  When to keep one’s mouth shut.  This is a bit inspired by some of the political goings on right now, as I reflect on the general feeling of whiplash we get from our President and his statements on a variety of matters.  And how he often works against himself and his political allies in a variety of ways.  I think his tweets alone are the basis for a legal argument against a variety of policies and have often worsened a variety of situations.  Politicians as a rule tend to be very careful in what they say.  Because it will come back to haunt them.

My basic rule has always been to stand by what I say and if I cannot defend it, I shouldn’t be saying it.  Be it work, LMCBW, or whatever else.  I have a simple rule in place to stand by what I say.  To have the integrity to stand by what I say and defend it with evidence and thought out arguments.  One of the reasons I have never felt conflicted about any topic I discussed is that I put together arguments supported by what I believe to be facts and evidence.  In part because it can be easier to stick to logical, factual ideas rather than the fleeting promises of believe.  And I intend to stand by the views I put forward without denying the possibility that there is new evidence that my point of view might have missed.  Could always be more to learn.


And… Comics.

Had a brief respite from working on actual comics.  Just needed a bit of a recharge.  Did a few sketch cards.  Got twenty or so about done.  About halfway through the inking for the first issue.  Going to start lettering in the next few days.  Did a Draw-In thing yesterday with a few comic creators I’ve been connecting with in the area.  It was tiring being social for a few hours.  Cool people at least.One guy recommend a site for free fonts to use in lettering.  Already downloaded a couple and planning to get started soon.

Looking where my comics are right now, I think I could have been tabling this year at VTCC.  Mostly I just didn’t have my shit together.  Story of my life really.  I might try to be ready for a con later in the fall.


He who hesitates is lost…

  • I was working on some drawings and stuff and realized something.  I often told myself I would do a table if I had this different many prints, this many sketch cards and copies of an actual comic to sell.  I just realized I have the prints and sketch cards I would prefer to have.  All I really have to do is actually get some actual comic stuff ready to go.  Which is doable since VTCC isn’t until the end of August.  Problem is that I’m pretty sure the deadline to get a table set up has come and gone.  Oh well, I’m cool with volunteering again.
  • Redrawing the first issue of Order of the Dragon in pencil rather than digitally.  Wasn’t entirely thrilled with a how a few of the pages came out, plus I do like the feel I have drawing better when I’m using pencil and paper.  Plan is to basically do a page a day in pencil, then ink it in photoshop whenever I can.  Hopefully I’ll be at a point where I can seriously entertain doing some kind of printed single issue by then.
  • Saw NYCC has done away with the three and four day passes.  I liked those for the convenience personally.  Might cut me down to two days this year.  I’ll be annoyed if there’s something on the days I don’t go that I miss as a result.
  • I saw this meme this other day about how people who don’t work on their personal  goals after work aren’t tired, they’re uninspired.  No, sometimes I’m too tired.
  • Officially paid off one of my school loans.  That really only leaves the Navient stuff as far as school loans are concerned.  With a bit of luck, those should be knocked down in no time.  I feel I’m getting into a better place debtwise.  Debating the possibility of selling a few comics to accelerate that process.  I’m overdue to get the ball rolling on the comics anyway.
  • I’ve talked about how I feel the key to a proper diet is balance.  This is part of the reason I find myself skeptical of the benefits of a vegetarian diet.  I have a coworker who recently became a vegetarian and he has become a bit of a stereotype.  His choice, but I have some fundamental disagreements.  I believe humans evolved to eat meat for a reason and that has been a crucial element of our progression.  While one argument I’ve heard is that meat is full of hormones, what if we need those?  I have become more selective with my meats–partly a result of some bad experiences with the local Shaw’s–and tend to prefer local stuff I know where it came from.  There is no such thing as a uniform approach to diet and the human body will have different needs at different times.  Fulfilling those needs is up to everyone to figure out how best to do so.

Still got some Christmas Shopping to do, but I’m better under pressure.

  • Should get the VTCC paperwork done soon.  Been putting it off and not getting it done.  Looking forward to actually having a table this year.  It should be fun.  I really do feel like I’ve reached a point where I’m trying more to fully embrace and grok an experience rather than just go through the motions.  I’m going to try to get back to comics soon, been focused more on print and sketch cards lately.  Started working on a new comic, a western type thing.
  • Went shopping for tires for my Jeep today.  Always a somewhat depressing experience in that it doesn’t seem like they should cost so much more than a smaller vehicle’s, but they are always costing twice as much.
  • Part of me wishes a lot more of the Electors had voted against who won their state, if only to see what would happen.  I think something like 29 states have laws requiring Electors to vote for the candidate who won their state, but I think the Constitution says they can vote for who they want.  Would have been interesting to see those laws challenged.  Might do a post about the Electoral College at some point, could be fascinating to look into.
  • Might do a true year end reflection post in the coming days.  I did one a few weeks ago, but that was a bit more of a “fuck this shit” tone than I intended.  Admittedly, there was a lot about this last year that was less than optimal.  However, it would be best to reach a fullness about it.
  • I have a list of people I tend to think need to shut up.  I don’t think Donald Trump should be on that list, if only because he has become a representation of all that is wrong with our country and it is good to have a clear reminder of that.  I put people like the Clintons, Sean Hannity, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, etc… on that list.  People that just add nothing to discourse while doing overwhelming damage.  I’ve recently added a couple of names: Tomi Lahren and Lena Dunham.  Lahren has become a parrot for the conservative right.  She’s a young, hot blond that basically is just repeating the diatribe of her political leanings.  There’s no substance, no new ideas to her views.  She stops auditioning for Fox News, I’ll be impressed.  Dunham has never shied away from controversy, but this latest abortion thing is just idiotic.  By saying she wishes she had an abortion–regardless of her reasoning–she trivializes the issue and destroys her own credibility.  If a woman is considering an abortion, chances are something went horribly wrong.  And you know, the majority of legislators making these laws about abortion are men who have no personal experience with the issue–making a bit of an assumption there, but probably not that far out of one–and they aren’t concerned with the stigma of not having a personal experience with it.

Just some general updates and thoughts.

  • Liking the progress I’ve made with the Skyrim drawing.  Hoping to have a finished version of that soon.  I also did a Catwoman drawing that I’m probably done playing with.  Still working on building up a selection of drawings to sell as prints at VTCC, so hopefully I will have that and a comic sampler or something ready to go by August.  I figured I would send in the table application once I had a couple more sketch cards and prints ready to go.
  • Ordered some Art Paper to test printing off the drawings I’ve scanned.  A $40 test order.  Only found out later I could probably order smaller samplers.  Oh well.  Going to see how that goes.
  • I said not too long ago that I thought the Trump Presidency would get bogged down in distractions.  I didn’t think it would happen so soon.  On a related note, anyone else surprised that Mike Pence went to see Hamilton?
  • Probably going to see Doctor Strange this weekend.  For one reason or another I missed my chance to see it the last couple of weeks.  Probably do that during my brush with death for Black Friday.  Making it sound more exciting than it actually will be.  Probably won’t hit up any shopping until the afternoon, when the mess has been cleaned up.  When I do my online shopping, I might pick up the Doctor Strange Masterworks.  Get the Stan Lee/Steve Ditko reprints.
  • Already starting to think about 2017 as being a good year for a fresh start.  2016 kind of blew it in a lot of ways.  My patience wears thin over a number of issues, and I’m hoping to make some changes in the coming months.

Drawings I’d like to be doing soon:

  1. Magic The Gathering themed.  I’ve been wanting to draw some of the Planeswalkers–Chandra seemed interesting if only because of the potential to play with a flame effect–for awhile now.  Might go through some Magic Cards and see what I can get for ideas.
  2. Skyrim stuff.  Been thinking about a drawing of M’aiq the Liar to go along with the Aela the Huntress stuff.  Again, might see what other ideas spring to mind.
  3. Keep wanting to another Captain Marvel drawing, this time get it a bit more where I’d like it to be.

New Projects underway.

  • Picked up this sketch card kit at Barnes and Noble the other day, did three practice ones of Captain Marvel, Batman and Wonder Woman.  They came out relatively well and I think I’ll do more with the idea to have them available at a table at VTCC.  I think I will be doing a table this year, if all goes well.
  • Should be done with issue #1 of Order of the Dragon soon and have it all up on the Tumblr site.  Working on the last page now.  Going to start working on issue #2, but I’m going to try to be more consistent about posting as I feel I got way too sidetracked.  Keeping side projects like the cards should help with pacing.
  • Going to visit other gyms in the near future.  Mostly I just want a change in scenery for my workouts, do some different stuff I don’t normally do.
  • Been trying to sort out my thoughts on Wikileaks and their… campaign against Hillary Clinton.  I generally have respected them if only because they seem to genuinely believe they are doing the right thing.  However, there are handful of concerns I have about their more recent leaks.  Two big ones.  One, I think it gives support to ideas and people who are far more dangerous than Clinton–as repugnant as some might find her, it might be worthwhile to remember it isn’t all about her.  Two, in their single-mindedness, I think they are straying close to becoming something they would have tried to expose and destroy in the past.  Just my feeling on the matter.

So many plans…

  • Got my NYCC ticket in the mail on Monday.  It’s all activated and ready to go.  Budgeting is about where I’d like it to be, comics are all picked out for signings, etc…  Now just need to get the cosplay stuff all sorted out.  Still gotta hit the thrift stores.
  • Started to think about relationships again.  Being single, I get the impression everybody thinks there is a problem if I’m not in one.  I’ve kinda touched on this in the past, but I’m embracing the idea that the traditional expectations in such cases are becoming outdated.  I mean, yeah I was pretty much all set to marry the last girl, but did I see that or marriage in general as anything more than a formality?  Not really.  Part of the reason I wasn’t in any rush to do it–dress up, throw a party, you’re done.  In a lot of ways the day to day dynamic doesn’t really change.  I have a coworker who actually got married purely because it was cheaper for him and his girlfriend to get health insurance when they had a child together.  Paperwork and legal nonsense does not necessarily make commitment mean more.  I think the bigger shame is how much it is conditioned into us and incentivized as a necessity.  Mostly just getting back to the Stranger In A Strange Land ideas.
  • Going to start looking into getting some prints ready for tabling at the next con I can legit do it for.  I’m hoping to have fifteen to twenty ready by the time VTCC rolls around next year, which I’ve got a good start on.  Ideally I’d also like to have some comics to sell there as well.  Hoping to get rolling on some comics again as I get that a bit more sorted out.

List of prints:

  1. Ewok:  I got a finished version of this where there’s a Ewok standing in the forest saying “Yub Yub!”  I added a box for translating the “Yub, Yub!”, which can vary from person to person.  Basically a fun gimmick.
  2. Captain America Copics:  I colored in this drawing of Captain America I did in Copic Grays, might plan on turning that into something sellable.
  3. Batman Cover Swipe:  Another Copic Grays practice where I swiped a Neal Adams swipe of Bob Kane, I colored that in recently.  Looks pretty decent, did some creative cropping.
  4. Spider-Gwen: Might tweak this one a bit more, might have made it a bit too… Something.  It looks good already though.

Planned Prints:

  1. Nosferatu/Order of the Dragon:  Should do at least a couple from my own comics.
  2. Superman:  Got an idea or two here.
  3. Catwoman:  Working on one right now, hopefully that will progress the way I hope.
  4. Captain Marvel:  Either the original Mar-Vell or Carol Danvers, exploring some options there.  I’ve already done a couple focusing on each, hopefully getting something higher quality soon.
  5. Adam Warlock:  For one of my favorite comic book characters, I don’t draw him very often.
  6. Black Canary: Started working on something here as well, might get something done soon.

Yeah, it wasn’t really surprising to see a lot of Harley Quinn cosplay at the Vermont Comic Con, but at the same time it was.  I really only know a specific number because the 501st Imperial Legion was taking bets on how many there would be and I asked them before I left.  It’s impressive, but also a bit disappointing not to see more variety in the Cosplay.

There was a lot of really cosplay.  Saw a really good Iron Man, an amazing Jawa, a very impressive Mystique… And there was a guy there who was in this elaborate Jack Skellington getup where he was on stilts.  I was on elevator monitoring duty for a time and got watch him duck in and out of the elevator on a regular basis.  Should have gotten some pictures, but I didn’t.

Anyway, the overall volunteer experience was successful.  I got to experience the con as part of the team putting it on, which gave more perspective.  Would have liked to have done more actual more enjoying of the con.  Maybe if I volunteer again next year, I’ll only do it for one day.

Got to sit in on a couple of panels.  One where Jeremy London was discussing acting.  He had some really good stories.  After that was the Naomi Grossman panel, where she talked about playing Pepper on American Horror Story and meeting Lady Gaga.  I only got to stay for half of the Naomi Grossman one before I was reassigned to another area.  Bought a handful of comics–Three Batman Rebirth variants, and Angela: Queen of Hel #1.  Might bring those down to get signed at NYCC.  We will see.

Also bought some prints.  I’m developing a bit of a collection of prints.  Might get some frames for them.  It would be nice to have a more effective way of showing them off.

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