Some updates, I suppose…

  • I am surprisingly proud of myself for voting for Bill “Space Man” Lee.  He won’t win and probably would be a disaster if he did, but I’m glad I didn’t vote for the more of the same from Sue Minter and Phil Scott for Vermont’s next governor.  I wish I had more thought to voting for Jill Stein.
  • I really think Congress needs to have term limits.  My primary reason: imagine if Bernie had been running for President ten years ago.  People wonder why Washington is so corrupt, but don’t think about the fact that they basically set themselves up for life and have incredible job security.
  • I got to draw a coworker as He-Man.  He seemed pretty pleased by it.  Wants me to print it off and get it framed for him.  He’s offered to pay me for it.  Basically became the excuse I’ve been looking for to get a Printer for larger format drawings.  Need to get some higher quality paper for these print jobs.  Feeling good about art again.
  • Was thinking about the post from a week or two ago about a Woman’s Responsibility.  I said something about my ex and how I felt like she hadn’t really taken responsibility for how her own choices and actions.  Though I might not have articulated it properly, I do think there’s a point there to be made.  No matter how good or bad the relationship was, responsibility should be equal.  That was the point I wanted to make and in break-ups it can be easy to assume it was the fault of one person or the other, but it should and usually is equal.

The Conflicted Vote

November 8, 2016

I had back and forth about who to vote for over and over again for the last week.  I literally decided as I stared at the ballot in Bristol this morning.  I’ve never truly been convinced by any candidate, so I really spent a lot of time thinking it over.  The two that I found most conflicting were the President and Governor’s race.  I have not necessarily been sold on either Sue Minter or Phil Scott, so I went the alternate route of Bill Lee.  Former Red Sox pitcher–dare I say Legend?–I will admit this was a bit of a protest vote in the sense that I just could not bring myself to vote for Scott or Minter.  Yeah, I voted for the Space Man.

The Presidency was a bit more complicated.  I had ruled out two candidates.

Purely on policy, there was no way I could vote for Trump.  I personally believe his policies would crank up the deficit into areas I cannot fathom and border on impracticality.

Gary Johnson is way too far gone.  That’s all I can say.  Bill Weld should have topped that ticket.

That left two.  Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton.

I gave Stein some serious thought.  I really did.  I do think a more aggressive progressive agenda is necessary.  However, I doubt she pragmatic senses to accomplish that agenda.  Or the experience.  I do hope her and Johnson get 5% of the vote, so that they get access to federal funds.  Maybe that will enable them to get a bit more high profile and in a position to accomplish more.  I would love to see the Green Party and/or the Libertarians get a few seats in Congress.

So I voted for Clinton.  Not really the choice I had hoped to be making, but what’s done is done.  I do think she’s got the most capability to accomplish something.  At least I voted.

Not much new to really get into, just basic updates.

  • Wrote out a pretty epic essay type thing about ideas the other day.  Really did not intend to get quite as political or make as much of a statement on things as I did, but it happened.  Regardless, I liked how it came out.  Just a number of thoughts I felt like needed to be shared, I guess.
  • Continuing to work away on comics, reevaluating my strategy a bit.  Planning on a bit more focus on doing trades rather doing a page at a time.  Will continue to post pages in Order of the Dragon, but it will likely be less frequent as I focus more on marketable products.  Thinking about a few new projects to work on.  Also entertaining the idea of a collaborative work.  I actually really want to do something where I team up with someone else.  The biggest issue of Chlorine and Acid was that it was became too much me in the story–well, one of the biggest issues–and part of the reason I had to stop.  Admittedly LMCBW might have had some of the same issues, but I like to think we would have balanced out.
  • Working on a novel or two now.  The bodybuilding one continues to trudge along.  My general plan is to have a novel self-published by the beginning of summer, which should be doable.
  • Voted in the Vermont primary yesterday.  A bit irrelevant, if only because the guy I voted for was locked in already–86% of the vote.  Thought about voting Republican, but that’s almost as irrelevant.  As sad as it is, Trump is the likely nominee.
  • Plans are starting to come together.  I’m a bit more confident my plan to pay off the majority of my debt by the end of the year will happen.  First pieces are falling into place, working on the next few.  I like where this is going.  Stashing away plenty of cash while paying off debt, it seems like things are going in the right direction.  I think I can get another piece in place today, so we’ll see how things go.
  • If all goes well, this could be an awesome summer.  If the numbers do work out, I will be buying a Kayak and/or archery gear in the near future–hopefully without adding another card to the mix.  Shopping around for those now.  People might ask:  why archery?  Because it is cool?  I’ve always had a fascination with it.  Guns just never excited me.  For some reason, archery does.  Kayaking is more because I’m looking for something more complex cardio workouts for during the summer.  Good cardio is something I’ve been lacking for a long time.  Probably won’t buy either until the weather is bit more accommodating to such activities.
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