Problems are just opportunities that haven’t presented themselves.

-Wilson Fisk, Daredevil

  • Hear good things about the Wonder Woman movie.  Gal Gadot looks fantastic.  Early reviews are positive, which is a nice change for a DC movie.  And controversial.  This whole thing about a “female only” showings is amusing to me.  You have groups made exclusively of men deciding what is legal and illegal to do with a woman’s body and people are going to get worked up over women only showings of Wonder Woman?  Shove it up your ass.
  • Also finally started watching the Netflix Marvel shows.  Only about halfway through Daredevil Season One, but it’s been good so far.
  • Inking away on Order of the Dragon #1 while drawing out issue #2.  Loving where the art has gone.  Actually feel like I’m getting somewhere with this.  Trying to focus more on inking as I prepare to make an attempt at getting an actual comic published, but also want to make sure I pencil a page a day.  Trying to find balance..  Starting to revisit the storyline I talked about for a superhero story where the hero and villain are the same person.  It’s a story that’s evolved a lot since I first thought it out, one I feel I’m more ready to delve into than I had been.  There was a lot of complexity that I only just now feel like I can really parlay into a page.
  • Doing a new  version of that Skyrim/Dragonborn drawing I’ve toyed around with in the past.  Was never 100% happy with the version I did, so I’ve been revisiting the concept.  Felt too cluttered and complicated, stepping back and simplifying it a bit.
  • Between what I’ve been doing with eBay and simply just being smarter with my money, I think I can actually follow through my plan to pay off a loan or card each month for the foreseeable future.  I’m going to post a couple more things on eBay tomorrow after work, try to post four or five things each week.  For the most part I’m going to repost the books I’ve posted already, maybe switching to a Buy It Now option instead.  Basically just trying to create flexibility and opportunities later on.  I’m still waiting to hear back about the jobs I’ve applied for, so the plan will be to continue with building up my financial cushion a bit more.
  • Read an article or two about relationships that were interesting.  This one was particularly interesting to me in that I keep hearing people say not to change who you are.  Got news for you:  Life is change, Love is change.  Make sure the person you’re with is somebody you want to change for and willing to make an effort to change yourself.  You want to stay the same for the rest of your life, there’s a probably a nice little rock out there for you to hide under.
  • This one also caught my attention in that it covers a lot of the primary reasons why relationships don’t work.  As much as life is change, we should understand the true reasons why things don’t work out.  I will admit one of the biggest things I’ve disagreed about was really the reasons why things didn’t work out.  Unraveling and truly understanding those reasons can be difficult but vital.

Just some general updates and thoughts.

  • Liking the progress I’ve made with the Skyrim drawing.  Hoping to have a finished version of that soon.  I also did a Catwoman drawing that I’m probably done playing with.  Still working on building up a selection of drawings to sell as prints at VTCC, so hopefully I will have that and a comic sampler or something ready to go by August.  I figured I would send in the table application once I had a couple more sketch cards and prints ready to go.
  • Ordered some Art Paper to test printing off the drawings I’ve scanned.  A $40 test order.  Only found out later I could probably order smaller samplers.  Oh well.  Going to see how that goes.
  • I said not too long ago that I thought the Trump Presidency would get bogged down in distractions.  I didn’t think it would happen so soon.  On a related note, anyone else surprised that Mike Pence went to see Hamilton?
  • Probably going to see Doctor Strange this weekend.  For one reason or another I missed my chance to see it the last couple of weeks.  Probably do that during my brush with death for Black Friday.  Making it sound more exciting than it actually will be.  Probably won’t hit up any shopping until the afternoon, when the mess has been cleaned up.  When I do my online shopping, I might pick up the Doctor Strange Masterworks.  Get the Stan Lee/Steve Ditko reprints.
  • Already starting to think about 2017 as being a good year for a fresh start.  2016 kind of blew it in a lot of ways.  My patience wears thin over a number of issues, and I’m hoping to make some changes in the coming months.

Drawings I’d like to be doing soon:

  1. Magic The Gathering themed.  I’ve been wanting to draw some of the Planeswalkers–Chandra seemed interesting if only because of the potential to play with a flame effect–for awhile now.  Might go through some Magic Cards and see what I can get for ideas.
  2. Skyrim stuff.  Been thinking about a drawing of M’aiq the Liar to go along with the Aela the Huntress stuff.  Again, might see what other ideas spring to mind.
  3. Keep wanting to another Captain Marvel drawing, this time get it a bit more where I’d like it to be.

Just some ranting.  Been a bit sick the last couple of days, starting to feel better.

  • How are we still discussing emails?  Seriously.  If the FBI wanted to bring this up again, they should make sure they have that proverbial smoking gun.  Otherwise, they are just embarrassing themselves.  While I’m not necessarily a huge fan of the Clintons, I do think the negativity about them is a bit hyperbolic.  I’m not saying there isn’t some truth to it, but I do think there is a heavy presence of conspiracy theory and smear campaign nonsense.  I also think the alternative is worse.  Policy wise, I think Trump has the wrong ideas.  The deciding factor for me has been that Trump’s proposal in most areas seem poised to crank up the deficit and that is certainly not a direction I would like to see us going.
  • Did actually get a Playstation 4 on Friday.  Coincidentally, that’s when the Skyrim Special Edition came out.  Well, not really.  I’ve dabbled with playing some Uncharted 4, Batman: Arkham Knight, Call of Duty, and one of the newer Final Fantasy games, but it has mostly been Skyrim.  Loving the Special Edition so far.  Was kind of annoyed to get attacked by the Cultists from the Dragonborn Expansion just after meeting the Graybeards–was only level four or five at the time–but it’s still been good.  Graphics look really good.
  • Started doing NaNoWriMo.  We’ll see how it goes.  Bringing back an old idea about werewolves.  It was something I toyed with years ago as a collaborative thing, but it never got going.  Might see if I can do it myself.
  • Working on art stuff.  About the same as ever.


September 30, 2016

Few random things I didn’t really touch on with the Wednesday Post.

  • Going to a daily post reflecting on the day each day at NYCC next week rather than the usual Wednesday Wonderings.  I figure Thursday (Various Comic Book signings, Creator Meet-ups, Other Panels that have caught my attention), Friday (BBC event, Doctor Who Cosplay, Infinity Gauntlet 25th anniversary Panel) and Saturday (Breaking Into Comics Panel, Whatever else might happen) should be more than enough to warrant day to day posts.  There’s a Hulu Documentary being shown on Thursday I’m planning to go to about Bill Finger, the guy that “co-created” Batman.  I put that in quotes because Bill Finger–despite Bob Kane getting the credit for decades–really revamped the character into the hit character it became.  There are comics that show what Bob Kane’s original ideas entailed and they are dramatically different than what hit the page in Detective Comics #27.  Also a bit annoyed at a couple of scheduling conflicts.  Couples about making comics are at the same time as other events I wanted to go to, but that happens.
  • I gotta make business cards at some point this weekend.  Print them off on Monday or Tuesday.
  • Basically a full test of the Doctor Who cosplay.  Still going to grumble about not finding red Converse Chucks, but the white ones work.  Here’s a link to a picture of me in full costume.  All geared up with the sonic screwdriver and I was pretty happy when I took the pictures last night.
  • Been slacking on the drawings, but then again, I got a lot going on right now.  Hopefully during and after NYCC, I will get some more stuff done.
  • Might buy a Playstation 4 and a new TV after NYCC.  I thinking about the time that the new Skyrim comes out.  Been putting that off for awhile.
  • Bit of a running joke at work about how I’m not bringing the coworker I have the last few years.  It’s become more of a joke of late, in particular because he acts like I broke up with him or something.  I don’t know, I feel like my plan to simplify this trip will be more of a headache as a result of this.  I hope not.
  • Was feeling kind of sick today, headaches mostly.  Probably not taking in enough fluids.  Dehydration has been a bit of an issue for me at times, catching up to me at odd moments.  I’m on my fourth cup of tea and will continue to work on that.

Insomnia Sets In…

June 24, 2016

So I go back to work tonight, and as I per usual, I cannot sleep.  So I’m going to post some  thoughts on the Brexit, Dogs and a few other trivial matters.

  • A lot of local restaurants that have been liking my posts on Instagram.  It’s a bit disconcerting, not gonna lie.  Well, it might be a bit weirder when it is a topless selfie.  Though it does reminds me, I haven’t been to Sabai Sabai or Mister Ups in awhile.  I actually liked the Thai food and would like to try it again.  I should check it out again.
  • Trying Muscle Pharm’s Combat XL mass builder to gain more weight.  Urgh.  I’m going to use this stuff up and try something different.  I gotta do some more research on it.
  • So Britain did leave the EU.  I’m going to refrain from calling them “Great” or a “United Kingdom” for a little while.  52% to leave, 48% to stay.  And their economy took a swan dive.  I was also reading an article or two about how Scotland and Northern Ireland were actually heavily in favor of staying.  Might even bring about a vote to unify Ireland and reignite the talk of Independence for Scotland.  My knowledge is lacking in this area, but I have been under the impression that Britain looked down on the Scots and the Northern Irish a bit.  Add David Cameron resigning and we’ve got a potential cluster fuck.  I like the idea of the EU if only because it feels like a forward thinking policy on economics and borders.  I admit there have been bumps in the road with the EU–Greece is the big one–but I still think it was a step in the right direction.  Given how international and interconnected the world is becoming, no country is an island–even those that literally are islands.  Closing borders… this “taking back” our country bullshit… in a lot of ways we have to realize the independence every country enjoyed once is not really there any more.  Economies are global and our governments will be going that direction too.  Let’s just keep moving forward and the rest of the world will catch up.
  • So my Aunt and Uncle are in Europe and we’ve got their dog for a few days.  He’s a Bouvier de Flandres.  French herding dog, apparently.  Anyway, the dog has always been a bit… quirky.  He’s an old dog with bad hips and might be a bit senile.  I’ve read up on the breed a bit and I know they are supposed to be intelligent dogs, if a bit ugly.  So he’s lived with us and he’s chased after my cat a couple of times.  Treed him once on the cat tree and they got into a scuffle this morning–Poor Loki was all out of sorts, got the gash across my stomach to prove it.  After treeing Loki, I guess the dog wiped out pretty good and I was hoping he learned his lesson.  No such luck.  I’ve suspected this dog was someway neurotic.  There were any number of behavioral issues with him.  My question was always whether or not it was a nature or nurture issue.  I personally always thought there was a lack of training.  There were any number of behaviors I thought he should have been discouraged from.  My cat has been fine with dogs once he gets used to them.  Hell, when my ex’s dog was living with us, he got along with her better than the other cats in the house.  I guess it is just like people getting old, old dogs struggle in various ways too.  I known a senile dog or two that were just fine to be around and had no problem with cats.  This dog was never really trained to deal with cats in the first place, so he has no learning to fall back on.
  • Thinking about dogs I’d like to look into getting.  I’ve liked the Huskies and Malamutes, as well as Australian Shepherds.  Something might catch my eye.  I’ve ruled out a few breeds.  Because of the various issues with my uncle and aunts dog, I won’t be interested in a Bouvier de Flandres.  I’ve ruled out miniature dogs if only because I don’t see much difference between having them and a cat in some ways.  I’ve also ruled out hounds–and in case people are wondering, I am aware that my ex has a Bassett Hound but I’ve held this opinion for years.  Hounds… I’ve never really liked the look, the look of any of the breeds.  They’re just so droopy.  Like if the temperature breaks eighty degrees they will finish melting.  And while I’m sure there are differences in the specific breeds, I’m not sure the behavioral aspects I’m looking for are going to be there.  I want a dog I can train to respond to Dragonborn shouts.  “Wuld” meaning “Come to Me” or “Fus Ro Da” meaning “attack”.  That type of thing.  It would be fun.
  • I was so close to deciding not to buy a PS4.  They announced a new Batman game, I said, “Meh, not for one game.”  Final Fantasy VII remake, “I can play the original whenever I feel so inclined.”  Uncharted 4, “Soooo tempting, but the third one actually wrapped things up nicely.”  Skyrim rerelease with improved graphics, “…You sons of bitches.  Take my money.”  So I will be getting a PS4.  I’m just going to wait until I’ve made a bit more progress on my debts.  And I had I been doing so well, over a year since I’ve played any video games.
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