Some more ideas.

  • If all goes well, Order of the Dragon will officially relaunch this weekend.  I’m going to do some reworking of some earlier pages and crank out a few more.  Already overhauled the first page.  I’ve attached it to this post.  Going to start reposting pages over the next few days.  Hopefully getting more done if I can stop reading Star Wars: the Rise of the Empire long enough to get some drawing done.  The Tarkin novel is actually pretty good.  Probably going to try to maintain a Monday/Wednesday/Friday rotation.  Think that will be reasonable.
  • Thinking about the Star Wars prequels and I thought up these little plot devices that would have made it better.  Like how apparently Naboo democratically elects their Queen?  I’m wondering if it would have been a more interesting plot point to have Padme commit some kind of war crime while breaking the blockade and is forced to abdicate her throne, leading into a second movie where Anakin is helping her to get herself together after the events of the first movie and thus leading into their relationship.  A half-baked idea I thought up in the last couple of days, but it would help make Anakin more likable and give their relationship more depth.  Maybe even inspire better dialog.  I’ve been thinking of a few of these.  Might do a post about that later.
  • I got into a bit of a “discussion” the other day with a coworker the other day about politics.  Part of it was talking up Trump over Clinton–Despite my repeated statements that I have not intention of voting for either of them–and on to socialism and economics.  I call it a discussion, but it was really more a siege of his point of view.  I got a little sick of it and told him to read a history book.  Learn the basic structure of our country’s public service and military programs.  Socialist programs.   Trickle down economics has done nothing but worsen any situation where it has been used.  Remember that the last time we had somebody talking the way Trump does lead a country, that led directly to World War II.  And maybe Clinton has gotten Americans killed, but how many will Trump get killed given the chance?  How many do think his rhetoric has gotten killed already?  This is why I’m not voting for either of them.  It is a bit of an insult that these are our options.
  • Well, I had been wavering about going to NYCC by myself, but I’ve decided I will–unless something dramatic happens, which doesn’t seem likely.  Mostly I just want to make sure this is an actual vacation and in years past, it really hasn’t felt like one.  It felt too much like work.  New York is an awesome place and I want to get a chance to check it out more than I have in the past.  Maybe see a filming of the Daily Show?  Those things are free.  There’s a Bookcon at the same time–which apparently my NYCC ticket gets me access to–I just feel like I’ve limited my ability to enjoy it all in years past.  These are things that people I’ve gone with in the past wouldn’t be interested in.

OotD 01-001 Redux.jpg


So yeah, went down to the Red Sox Yankees game last night.  It was rained out, but we were out of Yankee Stadium almost an hour before game time anyway.  Went with two coworkers and they were a bit on the rowdy side.  Get into the Stadium, spend about five minutes wandering, go to the bathroom, security waiting outside.  A missing ticket later, we’re all outside figuring out what to do next.  Could have stayed, but I’m not sure we could trust the two other guys not to get into trouble.

Spent less than ten minutes in the stadium before we were out.  Then, after a minor little traffic snafu by yours truly, we were back on our way to Vermont.  By minor, I mean I was driving around sunset, in the rain heading out of NYC when I almost cut someone off.  Some honking and swearing later (none on my part, I’ve got drunken idiots for that) but nothing major.

So that was Friday night.  Now I can say I’ve been kicked out of Yankee Stadium.  Kind of feels like a dream fulfilled right there.  And I got a bit of practice with NYC traffic.  Not much, but I just wanted to get at least a taste of it before NYCC.  Nothing I can’t handle or plan for.  And it won’t be the fucking Bronx either.

And so I set up another blog the other day.  Another WordPress.  This one for comics.  So now I have four blogs on here:

Posting of the Drawings (Which I need to finish a couple more of)

Working Out (Probably have a new entry up there tonight)

And comics

Today’s title comes from R.E.M.’s “Living Well is the Best Revenge”.  R.E.M. broke up after thirty something years.  Is it just me, or did that come out of nowhere?

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