Meal Prep Experiments

August 21, 2016

As I said, I got a Protein Powder cookbook last week and I have tried my first recipe out of it.  Coffee and Cocoa Protein Breakfast Bars.  Not bad.  I substituted Honey for Stevia, might up the amount on that and use parchment paper in the pan next time, but overall a successful experiment.

So that leads me to figure out what to do next.  I’ve begun to compile a list of recipes I would like to try.  If anybody is wondering, the cookbook is the Ultimate Protein Pow(d)er Cookbook, by Anna Sward.

Saffron and Rosemary Organic Whey Protein Bread.  Big holdup with this one is that I’ve yet to find Chestnut Flour.  I don’t mind substituting–see the honey for stevia above–but on this first attempt that might get further away from the recipe than I’d like to.  Also, I have yet to find an acceptable and endorsed substitute for it.  I was hoping to avoid a special order, but it might come to that.

Strawberry and Dark Chocolate Protein Bars.  Just intrigued.

Sweet Potato Protein Bars.  Again, intrigued.  Also trying to do more with Sweet Potatoes.

Sweet Potato and Nutella Protein Brownies.  Again, intrigued.  Again, Sweet Potatoes.

Protein Powder Buns.  For Burgers.  This might be down the list if only because the summer is almost done and I’m not likely to be grilling much.

There’s a pizza recipe I’m tempted to toy with as well, a few others I’m giving thought to, but those are the big ones.



April 23, 2016

Mostly food and working out thoughts today, couple of things that stuck out to me.

Earlier this week I saw something about a guy setting a world record for planking.  He maintained the position for five hours, fifteen minutes, fifteen seconds.  A 57 year-old, former Marine.  Planks are good for building stability in the core area.  I usually can stay in position for roughly a minute before I feel like I am in some bizarre medieval fetish torture position.  I think my best time is one minute, ten seconds.

Tomorrow I’m going to attempt to make a Pesto Chicken recipe I saw on–I should spend less time on that site, just makes me hungry.  Got all the ingredients today, planning to make that up tomorrow.  Will be going with my usual stratagem for new recipe:  First two or three time will follow the recipe fairly close, after that begin making tweaks.  Already got an idea or two for tweaking this one, but I’m going to see how it goes first.  Also going to try to make the baked french fries with sweet potatoes instead.

Ordered some stuff on Amazon the other day.  The big item was a set of “Meal Prep” Containers.  Essentially I ordered twenty largish two compartment leftover containers.  Makes me feel more professional if I call them “Meal Prep” containers.  Should be good to have.

Where I make a strange comparison, consider a few points and just generally reflect on planning.

  • Still trying to get a good load of pages ready to go before I start posting Order of the Dragon again.  Still getting distracted.  Getting some of it done though.  Hoping the change in hours gets done soon.  Moving at the speed of bureaucracy, I guess.  Bit of staffing/scheduling clusterfuck going on.  Working on developing a new character for Order of the Dragon.  One who interrogates people with the method of flicking pistachio shells at them.  Not like I bought a pound of them and have been steadily working my way through them…
  • I think the head-games we put ourselves through are worse than anything other people can come up with.  Started thinking about this morning at work.  Partly due to the stuff going on there, partly some personal stuff.  I’m glad I’m at least trying to close this shit out though.  The number of problems that could be solved or avoided if people just got their own heads sorted out before dealing with someone else…
  • I remember way back in 2008, there was a bit of drama in the Democratic primary process.  There were a couple of states that wanted to move their primary up by a few weeks, which caused a fair amount of friction within the Democratic Party.  These primaries were effectively rendered irrelevant until the DNC could figure out what to do.  The majority of the candidates chose not to campaign there and went so far to remove their names from the ballots.  There were four that remained on the Michigan ballot at the time of their primary: Chris Dodd, Dennis Kucinich, Mike Gravel, and Hillary Clinton.  I remember that being the event that really pushed me to support Obama.  My thinking was that walking away from those primaries was the right decision as it could potentially do more harm than good to campaign or remain on the ballot in those states.  Could unfairly sway that pool of voters in the favor of one candidate or another.  I started thinking about that after reading an article yesterday about how the Democrats are giving away the election–the Republicans are trying too, but I don’t think they’re alienating their base as effectively.  In some ways, I see Hillary Clinton becoming a Democrat version of Trump.  The comparison might be a bit weird, but the way her rhetoric has progressed makes me aware of a similar disconnect.
  • Getting more creative in my cooking.  Creating more variations on the fundamental ideas I work with.  Next week I might make the Chicken Parm stuff with fennel in it.  Just an idea I’m going to try.  I’m working on a plan where I cook a meal each night with a certain number of meals in leftovers to go over the next two or three days.  Enable more of a mix and still maintain a fresh selection.  Will involve more prep work later on, waiting on my hours to change to put that idea into motion.  Probably going to look into bulk orders of meat at some point, as that would probably make this whole thing a bit more feasible and cut costs a bit.  Want to do some more baking, but again, I’m waiting until the stuff with my hours is resolved.  Diversifying snacks to include stuff like pistachios and other things.
  • Tearing into my loans.  I’m a bit behind the pace I was hoping to have, a few things have interfered.  The systematic approach I have working is still viable, I need to get a couple more pieces in place.  Hoping to have that moving more efficiently soon.
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