The game is afoot.

  • I collect Magic Cards, but I haven’t really played since college.  Mostly I just put decks together.  I’ll buy a booster pack or holiday box or whatever and start seeing what cards go together.  I’m not even really up to speed on a lot of the new abilities–energy counters, etc.–that have been added in recent years.  I might try to sell a few decks at some point.  I really don’t need the two dozen or so decks I’m working on.  I mean, I might like to play a few of them (the Chandra one, the Elf Deck, the Vampire Deck, Red/White Angel Deck) but most of them are ones I don’t really need.
  • Going to start working on a series of Magic the Gathering drawings soon.  Already did a Chandra sketch card, planning to do some some of those.  Maybe something more complex.  Going to try to get back to page work in the near future.  Problem is I always want to do ten pages when I should do one.  And burn myself out.  I have no pacing whatsoever.  Working on that.
  • Officially done bulking.  Got up to 180 pounds.  Pretty pleased about that, although I did briefly hope to get up to 200 pounds.  Combination of factors got in the way, but 180 was the goal along.  My general plan is to cut down to 170 or so.  The biggest thing has just been trying to learn to work with my body, not against it.  The big issue is still sleep, but not much to be done about that for now.  Kind of a body and mind thing.
  • Tried a new pre-workout that somebody gave me a sample of.  Stuff called 5150.  I think I read that it has 8 different types of caffeine.  Very powerful stuff.  If anybody wants to try it, be warned: it is very intense.
  • Thinking about trying to make Meatballs or something different than I’ve been making.
  • I wrote the other day about my experiences growing up on the family farm and been pondering that a bit more.  Basically I’ve gained more insight into a lot of what unfolded regarded my family’s history in farming and it has given me some new avenues of thought.  I don’t deny those experiences did give me a more pessimistic view of farming–and also of opportunities I was presented with, but that’s a story for another year.  Trying not to get into what ifs, but I do believe there were opportunities I could have done a lot with.  And maybe new options will present themselves.  I’m always keeping an eye open.
  • I find myself pondering options and opportunities.  The average person will change careers seven times.  I have to wonder if in trying to create a stable workplace, do employers limit the ability of workers to find better options and opportunities.  I get paid $22 and some change an hour with good benefits where I work, but does that pay rate keep me from seriously considering a job where I might be happier?  Where I might have better opportunities for advancement and more flexibility to pursue other endeavors?  And does the effort to maintain a stable workplace keep employers from finding people who are potentially better fits?  Stability and comfort can be as much a hindrance as a help.

An odd thought has occurred to me the other day.  I’ve spent most of the last seven years working in concrete box, the last two working nights.  In that time, I’ve gotten numerous chances to watch the sun rise and set.  To watch the changing of the guard from day to night and back again.  Celestia and Luna at work, for the MLP fans out there.

I realize, as I lounge in bed with a bit of a stomach ache trying to sleep, I miss being a creature of the day.  If there is daylight, I want to be a part of it.  That has been arguably the biggest challenge I’ve faced working nights.  Letting go of the daylight.  Everyday I step outside of work and the sun is up, I wake.  And as long as the sun is up, I remain so.

Kind of the curse of working nights.  I accepted a long time ago I’m a creature of the day.  When I was haphazardly planning to build a house, I had two design elements that stick out.  One was an art studio that would have been intended to get as much light as possible for the bulk of the day–an aspect I’ve struggled with in my art is setting up and maintaining a good environment for drawing and/or writing.  More important than you would think.  The other was a lounging bench in a window as part of the library room–I recently posted a sketch of what I had roughly thought this could look like on Instagram.  Kind of cleaning up some of the sketches and notes I had made years ago to practice doing some interior settings.

Point is, I’ve come to realize an appreciation for the day.  For the sun and all the potential it brings.  I’m not a vampire, although I’ve written about them.  I really have developed a deeper appreciation for daylight and would love nothing more than fully embrace it once again.

Some other thoughts:

  • Did a job interview last week, I think it went fairly well.  Part of me is a little concerned about pursuing this right now with Obamacare under fire.  I would prefer a bit more stability on that front.  I think repealing Obamacare is going to do more harm than good.  I really viewed it as more of a first step than the full answer.  Personally, I think the better approach would be to build off of it as it is–especially since there’s a lot of things people like about it.
  • I’m thinking about a lot of ideas.  Meant to geared up to mess around with some archery stuff, never really got around to it.  Might try to do that when Spring rolls around.  Also might look into raising goats again.  I just think that would be fun.
  • Thinking about past mistakes.  Situations mishandled.  I’ve considered offering a number of apologies–to coworkers, my ex, odd family members, etc.–but wonder does it really have meaning?  Are people too complex to accept simple apologies?  And would my apologies prevent others from seeing the things they could have done better?
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