C’mon Sea Legs, pull yourself together
You’re gonna have to learn to like
The rockin’ of the waves, whatever.

“C’mon Sea Legs” by Immaculate Machine

  • Probably going to be the last entry for awhile.  Feel like this has run its course and no one is really reading it anyway.  Been fun, but the regular posts aren’t doing much.
  • Still processing that last episode of Doctor Who.  Such a hard hitting episode on so many levels.  More so when you start noticing all the little things.
  • 4th of the July just didn’t have the same feel as has in past years.  Maybe its Trump and the party before country mindset we’re stuck in.  Maybe its that work tried to call me to work on my day off.  It could be a lot of things.  I grilled.  It was fun.  Still feels like something was lacking.
  • Comics continue to roll along.  Started doing some rough pencils on the Brigade as I chug along with Order of the Dragon.  Liking where that one is so far, going to try to do some different things art wise.  Experimenting with using red pencils for the first layer of lines, different forms of inking…  I like what I’m doing with some of this stuff.
  • I like to think the questions we ask can be just as important as the answers we find.  Do we ask the right questions?  Do we understand the difference between “how” and “why” in our lives?  While the Truth will depend on our perspective, I think it can be important to make sure we ask all the questions.  Don’t stop once you reach the conclusions you want, make sure you ask the questions to fully comprehend those conclusions.
  • Came across this article the other day.  About what happens to your body when you stop having sex.  Some interesting thoughts.  I’ve given sex a fair amount of study since it is one of what I call the “Projections” from a previous relationship.  By saying “Projections”, I mean that it was an apparent issue, but one I was never sure was entirely a me thing.  Those three or four things were ones that it felt like I took the brunt of the blame when I shouldn’t have.  Particularly with sex.  A healthy sex life is good for any relationship, and while I could have taken more initiative in those endeavors, I feel like she never really acknowledged that it was her body and if I wasn’t doing the right things, she needed to be crystal clear about that.  Stop turning it into a head game and try to enjoy it.  Anyway, some fairly illuminating points here and it does raise another question or two about that relationship and a couple of factors working against us.  And I would like to get laid a bit more often, but there are hindrances with that at the moment and I do feel like a healthy individual with somewhat well managed stress.

Mostly odd thoughts…

Tomorrow’s Independence Day for the United States.  I’ve toying with some thoughts on another “Holidays are bullshit” piece, but my main hesitation is that I don’t really want to get political about it.  Which is funny because it is a holiday based in politics.  Given a lot of what has happened in this country and in the world–the Brexit seems like such a fundamentally American idea when you think about it–I have to wonder how much progress we’ve made in the last two hundred and forty years.

All these rights and freedoms and self-evident truths… I think sometimes we miss the point.  They’re undeniable and obvious because they should apply to everyone.  Not just Americans.  And there is no superiority that allows us to deny those rights to others.

And one of the goals of our society should be to create a world where we are secure and don’t feel such a need for arms to defend ourselves.  We’ve gotten pretty well side-tracked on that too.  Mostly I just think we should be a lot closer to making the gun control debate moot than we are.  The idealist in me.

I might be a bit of an idealist at times.  We’ve had some good ideas and some bad ideas.  It can be hard to tell which is which.  I hope we’re getting better, but I can be an idealist sometimes.  Mostly I’m a cynical bastard.  I’m trying to be the idealist a bit more.  Just trying to remember the infinite possibilities we all have if we give ourselves a chance to embrace them.

In other news…

I got ticket and hotel all bought and reserved for NYCC.  Looking forward to it this year.  Different hotel, this one looks like it has a bit more of a gym set up.  That tiny little room in the basement last year was a bit depressing.  I also am missing NYC.  Living there is out of the question, but I love visiting.

Hoping to be posting pages in the next week or two.  I’ve said that before, but I’m a bit more serious this time.

I look at the stats for the blog and I see I occasionally get these four or five views from Facebook.  Like somebody just randomly reading four or five of the recent posts to get caught up.  Happens every couple of weeks.  Not that it matters in the slightest, I just notice a pattern and it gave me a moment of intrigue.

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