I might be a bastard sometimes–maybe most of the time–but I try to use it for the greater good.

  • Planning on upgrading the hard drive on my Playstation 4.  I’ve heard its a relatively simple process.  Just need to get the gear for it.
  • Getting closer to an hour of gameplay for each character in Overwatch.  At least until the new one becomes available.  As for this posting, I’ve got one character at an hour and the others are all at fifty minutes or more.  It has been a lot of fun although there are characters I’d just as soon not play after this experiment is done.  Not going to get all “These characters suck, these characters don’t…” but I just have some preferences.
  • I tend to leave the microphone plugged in and ignore it when I play Overwatch.  Usually I’m playing with random people, so I don’t talk to them too much.  The bigger thing is people don’t realize they’re on mic and I get to hear discussions about feeding their kid a PB&J sandwich.  It’s almost better when its in a language I don’t speak.
  • Annoyed that I lost track of my compass and French curves.   Couple of pages I could really use them for.  Found the French curves at least.  Will have to keep looking for the compass.
  • Had a close call with my Macbook laptop the other day.  Screen was lighting up, but did not seem to be getting a signal.  Was convinced there was bad connection–apocalypse scenario was the motherboard was fucked, but I felt pretty safe ruling that out–and was planning to bring it to one of the nearby people who work on Macs.  More on a lark than anything–to clean it up before it went into the shop–I got an airblaster and hit up around the keys and the vents.  Working fine as of this writing.  A little luck with my ridiculously expensive computer.  I eventually want to set up a desktop, but that’s an “own place” kind of thing.
  • Rearranging my workout rotation.  Given that I need to up the cardio, I’m only going to the gym five days a week.  Saturday and Sunday will be days for Cardio–kayaking when it warms up enough.  Basically the workout are going to concentrate more on back and shoulders, basically the stuff I need to improve on.
  • Had a breakfast burrito the other day with black beans in it.  Still find the taste of beans to be annoying, but I ate it just fine.  Making progress on that goal.  Eating healthier, I think it does change my tastes a bit.  Going to look into some recipes and see what I can find for recipes involving beans.


November 1, 2016

Started working on a novel for NaNoWriMo, Figured I would post the opening here.  Shaping it into an irreverent work on werewolves. Read the rest of this entry »

Kayaking Reflections

June 3, 2016

I’ve gone kayaking three times this week.  Lightly sunburnt as a result, might have to even that out a bit.  Twice on Lake Dunmore, once on Fern Lake.  Lake Dunmore is larger lake and has a lot of boats and waterskis going on it, which was a bit of a challenge.  Water was a little rougher than I would have hoped for someone who hadn’t done this in years.  Fern Lake was much smaller, a lot calmer.  Definitely had a much easier time today.  Also, didn’t have to pay, which is nice.  Was going to head down to Lake Bomoseen, but I’ve heard that’s more of a challenge, so I’m putting that off until I’ve gotten a bit more practice in.  Would like to get a crew together and go on a regular basis, one more reason to get my hours back on some kind of human cycle.  Time and energy would be better managed that way.

Dunmore was full of all kinds of nostalgia, given that I worked at Branbury State Park–where I launched from–while I was in college.  The last summer I worked there was 2008, so eight years ago.  I remember that summer fairly clearly because it was the year it rained everyday and the park flooded.  That was an interesting  time.  There’s a reservoir on Mount Moosalamoo–some of the camp sites were at the base–and the day it flooded we got a call the might have had to open up the levies.  Washed away what was left of the campsites basically.  They didn’t end up doing that, but it was a concern.

Anyway, the next day, a couple of the other attendants and I were wandering about and we were looking at the picnic area.  The water level of the lake had risen significantly enough that the picnic area was flooded.  I believe it was me–eight years ago, so I can’t be 100% certain–that observed that we could have gotten kayaks in there.  Took a little work, but we quickly found a spot in the shoreline where we could get in there and paddle around the picnic tables.  Place was wrecked, so we had the time to do it.

It was a good time.  And I’ve been having a good time with this.  Kayaking is amazing.  Good time to start doing it too.  It occurs to me that at some point next week it will have been one year of being single.  And I’m at peace.  I remember I brought up the idea of getting kayaks to my ex once and she was very discouraging of the idea.  Something about her sister flipping her in an attempt to teach her to right a flipped kayak–little skeptical, because my understanding is that the technique for that is somewhat advanced and nothing a beginner should even be attempting.  I mean, stability is a major selling point of a kayak.  And two things would happen if somebody tried that with me:  one, whoever tried it would get a good whack to the head; two, I’d probably be getting a new paddle because those things aren’t really that solid.  Anyway, I thought it would have been a fun activity for us to do together.  She didn’t see it that way.  She clings to negativity too much and I pity her for that.  Or at least she did when we were together.  I’m just glad I did this eventually, because it is a lot of fun.

Anyway, plan to be doing a lot more kayaking in the future.  Hopefully I’ll continue to get any number of things in order to improve that experience.  I enjoy the relaxing simplicity of it.

Vacation is going. Selfie of my new tank top has been posted.

  • Been getting a few drawings done, and have been working on comic pages.  Vacation is going to be a bit of a catch-up phase.  Should be able to make up some ground.
  • Went kayaking, mostly just getting my feet wet–literally and figuratively.  Probably didn’t spend much more than an hour of the time I was there on the water.  Decided I probably will end up picking up crossbars for the top of my Jeep at some point.  Mostly just getting a feel for the boat, making adjustments and reacquainting myself with the with it–I last did this on any kind of regular basis when I worked at Branbury State Park back eight or nine years ago.  Has it been that long?  Fuck, I feel old.
  • I’ve been formulating this idea that Trump and Clinton are very much the same.  When you think about it, they are.  Trump won’t release his tax returns, Clinton won’t release her speeches to Wall Street–I won’t speculate too much on that but I suspect the reasons are very similar for withholding them.  They have both taken money from Saudi Arabia–for different reasons, but I think it will be to the same result.  The Clinton Foundation and Trump University have both come up heavy suspicion for various issues.  I’m sure I could go for days on this if I really tried.  But at the end of the day, you just have to look at the way they carry themselves.  The way they talk.  They really are the great Millenial Candidates.  More the perception of Millenials–I do take some issue with that perception, although there is a bit of truth to it.  With Trump and Clinton, it comes down to their sense of entitlement.  To me at least, they come across as not really believing they have to earn people’s votes and should just be elected by supposedly obvious superiority.  Crooked Hillary… Dodgin’ Donald… I look at the way they carry themselves and I think, “This is the way that Millenials are supposed to act, not seventy year-olds.”  So yeah, my feeling is that unless Sanders somehow gets the Democratic Nomination, there will be a legit third party contender.  Who that will be–The Libertarian Johnson or Sanders himself or someone else–I don’t know.
  • My parents anniversary is today.  I think it has been 31 years?  Sounds right anyway, numbers tend to get jumbled in my head a bit.  Suppose I should get a card.  Might want to do something special, given the last week.  My sister closed on the house her and her husband were buying, plus there was the stuff with my grandfather last week… It was a long week.
  • Bought a Tank Top off of a website called Flex Comics the other day, a Deadpool themed shirt that says “Maximum Effort” across the chest.  Fit perfectly in my usual size, if you’re ever interested in getting some of their gear.  I’ll post a selfie at some point.  The comic itself isn’t bad either.  Anyway, I looked at the slip and there’s a hand written note that says “Thnks Ross”.  Small gesture, but I found myself somehow very appreciative of it.
  • Reflecting on relationships a bit.  I feel very content to be single.  This isn’t to say I won’t be dating or in a relationship soon, I just feel okay to be single.  Really just acknowledging simple facts.  I’m 29 and ready to actually settle into something that could go pretty far.  Point is, I want to make sure whatever happens next isn’t caught up in making a point about the past.  Avoiding that trap is part of why I won’t date until I’m done working midnights.  I have entertained the idea of some kind of relationship with a couple of women, but there are certain aspects of those dynamics that I want to make sure I am more capable of dealing with.  I have been in situations where I could not meet my own standards, I do not want to do that again.  I don’t want to be in a relationship where I spend more time proving it is a good situation and that I made the right choices than just actually enjoying it.
  • Saw something about how Nathan Fillion was apparently a real dick to people on the set of Castle, especially Stana Katic.  A rumor, but it sounds like there was truth to it.  Disappointing really, shatters that idealized image I had of him.  Another reason I think that last season should never have happened.
  • Glad I’m on vacation, I can actually get some of the things done that I’ve been meaning to do.Max Effort

April 25, 2016

Just a bit of a funny story today.

Let’s go back to January of 2015.  On a day like any other, I decided I was going to check out some cars.  For a long time I had begun to suspect I was reaching the point where I might cross that line into paying more for the upkeep my 2004 Jeep Liberty than I paid to get it in the first place.  Plus I wanted a shiny.  Browsing the lot at my lodge Dodge/Jeep dealer, I had one catch my eye.  a 2015 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk.  Black with blacked out grill and wheels.  Complete with trailer and tow hitches.  That was what really drew my attention to it.  The hitches.  Even came with a nylon cable for the job.  Mostly, I just thought they looked cool.  I call it the Night Rider, loosely inspired by the Mad Max character.

Fast forward to Sunday of this week, a coworker asks me out them–if I special ordered them or if it was a promotional thing or what.  I’m reasonably certain it was a bit a promotional thing.  Anyway, I told him that it was just because they looked cool.

Being Sunday, I went straight from work to breakfast with my parents.  Usual deal with my parents, grandparents and an uncle.  My parents went to get my grandfather, and that is where things go awry.  He had already eaten and was gung-ho to do some stuff for another uncle’s farm.  My parents caught up with him in a rutted out driveway to one of the farm’s hayfield, and proceeded to get my Dad’s Chevy Cruze stuck.  Meeting up at the diner, I got the whole story.  Next thing you know, I’m down by the hayfield, pulling Dad’s car out of the ruts with my Jeep.  Basically just getting him out of the one big rut.

Still, made use of something I never really thought I would.  And by the laws of nature, I am required to give Dad shit about this for awhile.

Not much new to really get into, just basic updates.

  • Wrote out a pretty epic essay type thing about ideas the other day.  Really did not intend to get quite as political or make as much of a statement on things as I did, but it happened.  Regardless, I liked how it came out.  Just a number of thoughts I felt like needed to be shared, I guess.
  • Continuing to work away on comics, reevaluating my strategy a bit.  Planning on a bit more focus on doing trades rather doing a page at a time.  Will continue to post pages in Order of the Dragon, but it will likely be less frequent as I focus more on marketable products.  Thinking about a few new projects to work on.  Also entertaining the idea of a collaborative work.  I actually really want to do something where I team up with someone else.  The biggest issue of Chlorine and Acid was that it was became too much me in the story–well, one of the biggest issues–and part of the reason I had to stop.  Admittedly LMCBW might have had some of the same issues, but I like to think we would have balanced out.
  • Working on a novel or two now.  The bodybuilding one continues to trudge along.  My general plan is to have a novel self-published by the beginning of summer, which should be doable.
  • Voted in the Vermont primary yesterday.  A bit irrelevant, if only because the guy I voted for was locked in already–86% of the vote.  Thought about voting Republican, but that’s almost as irrelevant.  As sad as it is, Trump is the likely nominee.
  • Plans are starting to come together.  I’m a bit more confident my plan to pay off the majority of my debt by the end of the year will happen.  First pieces are falling into place, working on the next few.  I like where this is going.  Stashing away plenty of cash while paying off debt, it seems like things are going in the right direction.  I think I can get another piece in place today, so we’ll see how things go.
  • If all goes well, this could be an awesome summer.  If the numbers do work out, I will be buying a Kayak and/or archery gear in the near future–hopefully without adding another card to the mix.  Shopping around for those now.  People might ask:  why archery?  Because it is cool?  I’ve always had a fascination with it.  Guns just never excited me.  For some reason, archery does.  Kayaking is more because I’m looking for something more complex cardio workouts for during the summer.  Good cardio is something I’ve been lacking for a long time.  Probably won’t buy either until the weather is bit more accommodating to such activities.
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