Still got some Christmas Shopping to do, but I’m better under pressure.

  • Should get the VTCC paperwork done soon.  Been putting it off and not getting it done.  Looking forward to actually having a table this year.  It should be fun.  I really do feel like I’ve reached a point where I’m trying more to fully embrace and grok an experience rather than just go through the motions.  I’m going to try to get back to comics soon, been focused more on print and sketch cards lately.  Started working on a new comic, a western type thing.
  • Went shopping for tires for my Jeep today.  Always a somewhat depressing experience in that it doesn’t seem like they should cost so much more than a smaller vehicle’s, but they are always costing twice as much.
  • Part of me wishes a lot more of the Electors had voted against who won their state, if only to see what would happen.  I think something like 29 states have laws requiring Electors to vote for the candidate who won their state, but I think the Constitution says they can vote for who they want.  Would have been interesting to see those laws challenged.  Might do a post about the Electoral College at some point, could be fascinating to look into.
  • Might do a true year end reflection post in the coming days.  I did one a few weeks ago, but that was a bit more of a “fuck this shit” tone than I intended.  Admittedly, there was a lot about this last year that was less than optimal.  However, it would be best to reach a fullness about it.
  • I have a list of people I tend to think need to shut up.  I don’t think Donald Trump should be on that list, if only because he has become a representation of all that is wrong with our country and it is good to have a clear reminder of that.  I put people like the Clintons, Sean Hannity, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, etc… on that list.  People that just add nothing to discourse while doing overwhelming damage.  I’ve recently added a couple of names: Tomi Lahren and Lena Dunham.  Lahren has become a parrot for the conservative right.  She’s a young, hot blond that basically is just repeating the diatribe of her political leanings.  There’s no substance, no new ideas to her views.  She stops auditioning for Fox News, I’ll be impressed.  Dunham has never shied away from controversy, but this latest abortion thing is just idiotic.  By saying she wishes she had an abortion–regardless of her reasoning–she trivializes the issue and destroys her own credibility.  If a woman is considering an abortion, chances are something went horribly wrong.  And you know, the majority of legislators making these laws about abortion are men who have no personal experience with the issue–making a bit of an assumption there, but probably not that far out of one–and they aren’t concerned with the stigma of not having a personal experience with it.

I am on vacation next week.  Nothing really exciting planned or going on there, but it is happening.

  • If there is any kind of mercy to be had, the Trump Presidency will be brief.  Seems to me that all we are getting is conflicts of interest and people who shouldn’t be anywhere near the positions they are in.  Hard to drain the swamp when everybody working for you is dependent on it.  Then there’s the recount.  Given that Trump spent most of his candidacy questioning the legitimacy of the process, it is only right to do it.  When he undermines the process, he should not complain when somebody else wants to make sure it was done right.  Also, Clinton did not ask for the recount.  Jill Stein did.  And in three states.  But why stop there?  I say do all fifty states.  Just to be fair and sure.
  • I do wonder what’s going to happen when Trump supporters realize how many of his promises he’s going to break.  Or when all the infighting of his administration prevents anything from getting done.  My big question is how many people go down when it does fall to pieces?
  • Personally, I hope there is considerably more focus being given to the runoff Senate election in Louisiana next month than recounts.  While I do believe Trump is already going to have a difficult time pushing his agenda through Congress, another Democrat in the Senate would be a bonus.
  • Saw Doctor Strange last Friday.  Good movie.  Not great, I thought they could have done more with the story.  Other than that, it went the directions I thought it would have.  Really played up a lot of the Steve Ditko elements from the early days of the character.  The bulk of my Black Friday adventure there.  Going to try to work in Fantastic Beasts this weekend.
  • Been thinking about how to fix a few mistakes.  Set a few wrongs to right.  Always the hard part, isn’t it?  Easier to give up sometimes.  Maybe I’ll have a stroke of genius.

Some updates, I suppose…

  • I am surprisingly proud of myself for voting for Bill “Space Man” Lee.  He won’t win and probably would be a disaster if he did, but I’m glad I didn’t vote for the more of the same from Sue Minter and Phil Scott for Vermont’s next governor.  I wish I had more thought to voting for Jill Stein.
  • I really think Congress needs to have term limits.  My primary reason: imagine if Bernie had been running for President ten years ago.  People wonder why Washington is so corrupt, but don’t think about the fact that they basically set themselves up for life and have incredible job security.
  • I got to draw a coworker as He-Man.  He seemed pretty pleased by it.  Wants me to print it off and get it framed for him.  He’s offered to pay me for it.  Basically became the excuse I’ve been looking for to get a Printer for larger format drawings.  Need to get some higher quality paper for these print jobs.  Feeling good about art again.
  • Was thinking about the post from a week or two ago about a Woman’s Responsibility.  I said something about my ex and how I felt like she hadn’t really taken responsibility for how her own choices and actions.  Though I might not have articulated it properly, I do think there’s a point there to be made.  No matter how good or bad the relationship was, responsibility should be equal.  That was the point I wanted to make and in break-ups it can be easy to assume it was the fault of one person or the other, but it should and usually is equal.

The Conflicted Vote

November 8, 2016

I had back and forth about who to vote for over and over again for the last week.  I literally decided as I stared at the ballot in Bristol this morning.  I’ve never truly been convinced by any candidate, so I really spent a lot of time thinking it over.  The two that I found most conflicting were the President and Governor’s race.  I have not necessarily been sold on either Sue Minter or Phil Scott, so I went the alternate route of Bill Lee.  Former Red Sox pitcher–dare I say Legend?–I will admit this was a bit of a protest vote in the sense that I just could not bring myself to vote for Scott or Minter.  Yeah, I voted for the Space Man.

The Presidency was a bit more complicated.  I had ruled out two candidates.

Purely on policy, there was no way I could vote for Trump.  I personally believe his policies would crank up the deficit into areas I cannot fathom and border on impracticality.

Gary Johnson is way too far gone.  That’s all I can say.  Bill Weld should have topped that ticket.

That left two.  Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton.

I gave Stein some serious thought.  I really did.  I do think a more aggressive progressive agenda is necessary.  However, I doubt she pragmatic senses to accomplish that agenda.  Or the experience.  I do hope her and Johnson get 5% of the vote, so that they get access to federal funds.  Maybe that will enable them to get a bit more high profile and in a position to accomplish more.  I would love to see the Green Party and/or the Libertarians get a few seats in Congress.

So I voted for Clinton.  Not really the choice I had hoped to be making, but what’s done is done.  I do think she’s got the most capability to accomplish something.  At least I voted.

Some more ideas.

  • If all goes well, Order of the Dragon will officially relaunch this weekend.  I’m going to do some reworking of some earlier pages and crank out a few more.  Already overhauled the first page.  I’ve attached it to this post.  Going to start reposting pages over the next few days.  Hopefully getting more done if I can stop reading Star Wars: the Rise of the Empire long enough to get some drawing done.  The Tarkin novel is actually pretty good.  Probably going to try to maintain a Monday/Wednesday/Friday rotation.  Think that will be reasonable.
  • Thinking about the Star Wars prequels and I thought up these little plot devices that would have made it better.  Like how apparently Naboo democratically elects their Queen?  I’m wondering if it would have been a more interesting plot point to have Padme commit some kind of war crime while breaking the blockade and is forced to abdicate her throne, leading into a second movie where Anakin is helping her to get herself together after the events of the first movie and thus leading into their relationship.  A half-baked idea I thought up in the last couple of days, but it would help make Anakin more likable and give their relationship more depth.  Maybe even inspire better dialog.  I’ve been thinking of a few of these.  Might do a post about that later.
  • I got into a bit of a “discussion” the other day with a coworker the other day about politics.  Part of it was talking up Trump over Clinton–Despite my repeated statements that I have not intention of voting for either of them–and on to socialism and economics.  I call it a discussion, but it was really more a siege of his point of view.  I got a little sick of it and told him to read a history book.  Learn the basic structure of our country’s public service and military programs.  Socialist programs.   Trickle down economics has done nothing but worsen any situation where it has been used.  Remember that the last time we had somebody talking the way Trump does lead a country, that led directly to World War II.  And maybe Clinton has gotten Americans killed, but how many will Trump get killed given the chance?  How many do think his rhetoric has gotten killed already?  This is why I’m not voting for either of them.  It is a bit of an insult that these are our options.
  • Well, I had been wavering about going to NYCC by myself, but I’ve decided I will–unless something dramatic happens, which doesn’t seem likely.  Mostly I just want to make sure this is an actual vacation and in years past, it really hasn’t felt like one.  It felt too much like work.  New York is an awesome place and I want to get a chance to check it out more than I have in the past.  Maybe see a filming of the Daily Show?  Those things are free.  There’s a Bookcon at the same time–which apparently my NYCC ticket gets me access to–I just feel like I’ve limited my ability to enjoy it all in years past.  These are things that people I’ve gone with in the past wouldn’t be interested in.

OotD 01-001 Redux.jpg

Just general update stuff, some thoughts on current events.  A couple of questions that have been rattling around my head.

  • Today is supposed to be over sixty degrees and raining.  And yesterday I was knocking down some overgrowth from the area where I cut up that tree last fall.  I don’t trust the climate anymore.
  • Can’t go anywhere without hearing about politics at this point.  I’m trying to figure out which party is trying harder to give away the Presidential election at this point.  I find myself struggling to avoid becoming physically ill with some of what goes on.  Grasping for solutions really.  Maybe apply a variation on Godwin’s Law to Presidential Campaigns?  The second you’re seriously compared to Hitler, you’re done?  Or dick measuring equals an automatic disqualification?*  A general rule that less than .5% does not equate to a victory and they should split the delegates?  There’s already been a lot about this election cycle that has made me question so many things about this country.  From both parties.
  • Getting back on track with Order of the Dragon.  Giving thought to revisiting a few concepts I set aside as smaller projects.  The one about my cat’s younger brother springs to mind.  The adventures of the Mustache Cat and his brother Felinus Gigantus should prove to be entertaining.  Their real names are Bug and Loki, but I want to try and create a work that belongs to more than just me–so new names.  Nicer weather might be an unplanned hurdle in those plans.  Might try to start a more traditional slice of life type thing about the gym as well, but that might be a plan for the distant future.
  • Getting excited for Batman V. Superman.  I’m really looking forward to it.  And it should hit during one of my weekends off.  Contingent of course on my hours not changing before then, which I hope they will.  We’ll see.
  • Back in High School, I think it was in Global Studies we watched a slide show covering the events of the Divine Comedy.  I remember the image of Mohammed tearing himself in half, symbolizing his division of Christianity.  I get this feeling that people unconsciously do that everyday.  We try to go so many directions to fill the voids of our daily life, what we end up doing is just tearing ourselves apart.  Just an observation I’ve made in my efforts to better understand people.


*Admittedly that would leave John Kasich on the Republican side, but at least that would be three fewer options that make me want to vomit.

Politics has been a hot topic lately.  Iowa happened.  Not really 100% sure what happened there, but it did happen.  If anything, I think it proved how politics in this country has evolved.  There’s been a hardcore Libertarian, a Democratic Socialist and whatever the Hell Trump running.  I think we’re finally realizing that a lot of the business of running a country is not neatly confined to two ideologies.  We are moving beyond a two party system.  In coming years, I think we might see a Socialist Party–Vermont kinda has one, the progressive party of Bernie proteges on the state level–put forth some serious candidates.  A Libertarian Party.  A Constitutionalist Party.  Who knows?

My guy–Martin O’Malley–suspended his campaign after a less than 1% showing.  I like this guy for a lot of reasons.  In his time as governor, I think he did some good for the state of Maryland.  I personally think he was a better option than Bernie Sanders–treason in Vermont–and Hillary Clinton.  Plus he reads Irish Poetry and recites it on a regular basis.  I don’t know, the Irish Poetry thing just seemed awesome.

Then there were the other two Democrats…  49.9% to 49.6%.  That’s not a margin of victory.  That doesn’t even constitute a full margin of error.  When you factor in the number of coin tosses needed to determine some of those districts… all I’m going to say is that there was not a true winner here.  If anything, the delegates should be split.

Which gets me to the meat and potatoes of today’s political rant.  Why I struggle to support Hillary Clinton.  As we all know, there are plenty of reason to be a bit squeamish about her.  People might argue that Bernie is too old, but she isn’t much younger and that won’t change by the end of her first term.  Some of it is completely illogical, based in a mound of nonsense.  Voting fraud and emails are only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.  After Iowa, I’m starting to figure out what it is about her.  Honestly, I’ll probably write in Martin O’Malley if it is down to her and one of the gaggle of Republicans–maybe one of the Republicans will convince me, but probably not.

Here is the reason why.  We are becoming a country in transition.  Like I said about the two party system, things are changing.  We need to move forward with new and better ideas.  In my view, Hillary Clinton does not represent new ideas.  She represents a status quo that needs to change.  Some people argue her Presidency would be a continuation of Obama’s or even her husband’s.  As much as I doubt that to be true and believe a lot of Obama’s struggles have more to do with an incredibly divided congress as anything, I don’t think she is what we need.  I think we need someone who will push things forward.  Actually stand up and fight.  I honestly do not believe she will be the one to do that.  That’s just my thought anyway.

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