C’mon Sea Legs, pull yourself together
You’re gonna have to learn to like
The rockin’ of the waves, whatever.

“C’mon Sea Legs” by Immaculate Machine

  • Probably going to be the last entry for awhile.  Feel like this has run its course and no one is really reading it anyway.  Been fun, but the regular posts aren’t doing much.
  • Still processing that last episode of Doctor Who.  Such a hard hitting episode on so many levels.  More so when you start noticing all the little things.
  • 4th of the July just didn’t have the same feel as has in past years.  Maybe its Trump and the party before country mindset we’re stuck in.  Maybe its that work tried to call me to work on my day off.  It could be a lot of things.  I grilled.  It was fun.  Still feels like something was lacking.
  • Comics continue to roll along.  Started doing some rough pencils on the Brigade as I chug along with Order of the Dragon.  Liking where that one is so far, going to try to do some different things art wise.  Experimenting with using red pencils for the first layer of lines, different forms of inking…  I like what I’m doing with some of this stuff.
  • I like to think the questions we ask can be just as important as the answers we find.  Do we ask the right questions?  Do we understand the difference between “how” and “why” in our lives?  While the Truth will depend on our perspective, I think it can be important to make sure we ask all the questions.  Don’t stop once you reach the conclusions you want, make sure you ask the questions to fully comprehend those conclusions.
  • Came across this article the other day.  About what happens to your body when you stop having sex.  Some interesting thoughts.  I’ve given sex a fair amount of study since it is one of what I call the “Projections” from a previous relationship.  By saying “Projections”, I mean that it was an apparent issue, but one I was never sure was entirely a me thing.  Those three or four things were ones that it felt like I took the brunt of the blame when I shouldn’t have.  Particularly with sex.  A healthy sex life is good for any relationship, and while I could have taken more initiative in those endeavors, I feel like she never really acknowledged that it was her body and if I wasn’t doing the right things, she needed to be crystal clear about that.  Stop turning it into a head game and try to enjoy it.  Anyway, some fairly illuminating points here and it does raise another question or two about that relationship and a couple of factors working against us.  And I would like to get laid a bit more often, but there are hindrances with that at the moment and I do feel like a healthy individual with somewhat well managed stress.

Listen. Question. Why do we talk out loud when we know we’re alone?  Conjecture. Because we know we’re not.  Evolution perfects survival skills. There are perfect hunters. There is perfect defence. Question. Why is there no such thing as perfect hiding? Answer. How would you know? Logically, if evolution were to perfect a creature whose primary skill were to hide from view, how could you know it existed?  It could be with us every second and we would never know. How would you detect it, even sense it, except in those moments when, for no clear reason you choose to speak aloud? What would such a creature want? What would it do? Well? What would you do?

-The Doctor from the Doctor Who Episode “Listen”

  • This opening monologue from the fourth episode of Peter Capaldi’s first season always gripped me.  Easily my favorite episode for a number of reasons–beyond the glorious idea of Jenna Coleman lurking beneath my bed–it had a lot of brilliant concepts.  I think people want to be perfect at hiding.  To go unnoticed.  Be it a lot of people at work, ex-girlfriends, etc… I do think there are plenty of people who just want to remain unnoticed.  I think about it and I just want to say to some people:  “You try so hard to hide.  So hard you miss so many things right in front of you.  You’re not perfect.  You had your moments, but you’re not.  You missed a lot of things in your desperation to disappear.  But sooner or later you will have to stop hiding.  And all those things you missed or didn’t want to admit to will catch up to you.  What will you do then?”
  • Did a couple of really nice cleaned up versions of Green Lanterns from the comics.  Hal Jordan and Arisia with Mogo in the background.  Using the Hal Jordan one I inked in Photoshop for my profile picture on Facebook.  Working on a Mera from Aquaman drawing now.  If the DC movies have gotten one thing right so far, it’s her–at least looks wise.  Also thinking about drawings of Batgirl, Batwoman, Red Sonja, Phoenix… Starting to wonder if I’ve got a thing for red-heads…
  • The big Science March was on Saturday.  Science goes unappreciated.  I’m pretty sure we have science to explain Donald Trump’s hair.  Haha, bad joke.  Science covers a lot more than we think.  I like to think I exercise some kind of scientific problem solving in a myriad of ways.  Life is really science when we get down to it.
  • I realized I have enough Flex Comics shirts and tanktops where I can go almost a month without wearing the same shirt twice.  Not sure how to feel about that.

Been thinking about doing a recurring thing about comics lately.  I still get my newstands mailed to me every month, so might as well do some review type stuff.  Right now I’m collecting the following titles:

Marvel: Thor, Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, Hulk, Star Wars, Star Wars: Poe Dameron, and Star Wars: Doctor Aphra.  I’ve been cutting back on the Marvel a bit, mostly keeping the Star Wars titles.  I’ve really liked what Thor is doing lately and the first issue of Hulk was actually pretty decent.

DC: Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Scooby: Apocalypse, All-Star Batman, Batgirl, Batgirl and the Birds of Prey, and the Flash.   I’d collect more DC titles like Action Comics, Detective Comics, and Superman, but there have been some need to keep to a budget.  Scooby: Apocalypse is fascinating if only for the reimagining of the gang in a post-apocalyptic hell-scape.

Others (Image, Dynamite, IDW, Titan, etc.):  East of West, Sex Criminals, Doctor Who (4th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th Doctors), My Little Pony, My Little Pony: Friends Forever, Insexts, and James Bond.  Kinda kicking myself for not collecting the Torchwood series, but probably should cut back the number of books.  A lot of these are just odd ball series I collect because I’m intrigued by the creative teams, etc.  I used to get the MLP stuff for my ex, but I actually do like reading them and it is one of better all ages books out there.  Might try to complete the run and collect the series at some point.


I’ve collected others but there have been a few cuts of late.  Some were series that just came to their own conclusions–Darth Vader, Han Solo, A-Force, etc.–and others that just have lost me or had to be dropped for budget reasons.

The biggest one that’s lost me is Captain America.  I collected that book for a long time.  First there was Ed Brubakers run with the character and his spin-off work with the Winter Soldier, which was fantastic.  He did an amazing job of bringing the spy noir quality back to the character and much of his influence has been felt in the Winter Soldier and Civil War movies.  After that, the title was followed up with Rick Remender taking over as writer.  He brought it more to a traditional superhero story and played a lot more with the “Man Out of Time” aspect of the character.  That period also featured Sam Wilson becoming Captain America and a more team dynamic.

Which brings us to the present.  After the “Secret Wars” event, Remender concluded his work at Marvel and the Captain America title was turned over to a new writer, Nick Spencer.  Sam Wilson was still Cap, as Steve Rogers had been aged after his encounter with a supervillain called the Nail.  This led to a more interesting take on the character that started out with Sam Wilson trying to take a more socially aware approach.  This involved intervening when a number of illegal immigrants were being abducted by members of a terrorist group called Sons of Serpent.  His actions put him at odds with Steve Rogers who is a high ranking member of SHIELD and he finds himself a bit more on his own.  Then the events of Avengers: Standoff! unfold and Steve Rogers is restored to his younger self and we go straight into the secret agent of Hydra nonsense.

The basic premise of Avengers: Standoff! was that somebody leaked the existence of a SHIELD black site, called Pleasant Hill.  At work there was a sentient cosmic cube in the form of a little girl calling itself Kobik who is essentially brainwashing and altering villains to live peacefully in the idyllic little town.  When all the heroes go to investigate she loses control and the villains revolt, led by Baron Zemo.  As events unfold, elderly Steve Rogers finds himself face to face with Crossbones who begins to beat him to death.  At this point Kobik intervenes and restores Rogers’ youth and strength.  Later it is revealed that the Red Skull has made contact with Kobik and when she restored his youth, he is altered to believe he has always been a Hydra operative in service of the Red Skull.

Even before the obnoxius Deus Ex Machina aspects of Kobik and the Red Skull having Professor X’s mental abilities–a completely different storyline that annoys me–the storyline has fallen off the rails.  Steve Rogers would trust Sam Wilson.  He would trust his friend.  This is before Kobik and the Red Skull did their thing.  Rogers would trust the judgement of his friend.  He would not come down on his friend in the ways he did.  Not even Old Man Rogers would do that.  If he was not going to trust his friend and back him up, why give him the Shield?

So yeah, that’s why I stopped reading Captain America.  For something trying to be socially conscious in its own way, it does not seem will to push things like it should.

Also got my second round of CGC signature series books back  They are as follows:

Fantastic Four #46: signed by Stan Lee, graded at a 5.0.  Came back a bit higher of a grade than I thought it would.  First appearance of Black Bolt, King of the Inhumans.

Fantastic Four #66: signed by Stan Lee, graded at a 7.5.  Hoped for a wee bit higher.  First part of the two part story that Adam Warlock appears in.  Gives his origin.

Fantastic Four #67: Signed by Stan Lee, graded at a 6.5.  Hoped for a bit higher here too, but still a nice book.  Second part of the first Adam Warlock story and his first brief appearance.

Thor #165:  signed by Stan Lee, graded at a 7.0.  First full appearance of Adam Warlock.

Thor #193:  I had gotten this signed at NYCC in 2015, by Gerry Conway and John Romita Sr.  Last issue of Thor that Stan Lee worked on in his original run on the character.  In 2016, I got Stan Lee to sign it.  Came back at a 9.4.

NYCC Friday

October 7, 2016

So today was the day I was going to dress up as the Tenth Doctor.  I made until about 3PM until wearing the suit became too much.  Felt like I was about to pass out, so I bought a t-shirt and wore that the rest of the day.

The big highlight of the day was the BBC America takeover.  It was scheduled for the same time as a couple of other things I wanted to do, but I prioritized.

Started off with a screening of the first episode of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.  Looked pretty good, I’m interested in that.  Then the writer, producer and most of the cast came on stage leading corgis.  There’s a corgi in the story.  As I left, the corgi were outside and they were wearing these “I ❤ Corgis Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency” and I got a picture or two of them.  Wanted to get more pictures inside, but I kept distracted by… everything.

Then came Class, the Doctor Who spinoff set at Coal Hill Academy.  Looked good, they had the cast and various creative team members there.  <spoiler>Somebody asked a question about Barbara and Ian, the original companions, and if they would be making an appearance.  They have been referenced in the Sarah Jane Adventures as having been… affected by their adventures.  The showrunner had a great line about that: “Cameos are like Penises.  If you going to put one in there, better make sure it is a good one.”

So I am looking forward to that.  The trailer for it looked damn good.

Then came the actual Doctor Who stuff.  Peter Capaldi on stage with Pearl Mackie and Steven Moffat.  Some preview stuff of the upcoming Christmas special.  I just like listening to Capaldi and Moffat talk.  Even if you don’t particularly like where Moffat goes with his stories, it is clear how much love he has for these characters.  It is just awesome listening to Capaldi talk.  He’s clearly doing what he’s always wanted.


September 30, 2016

Few random things I didn’t really touch on with the Wednesday Post.

  • Going to a daily post reflecting on the day each day at NYCC next week rather than the usual Wednesday Wonderings.  I figure Thursday (Various Comic Book signings, Creator Meet-ups, Other Panels that have caught my attention), Friday (BBC event, Doctor Who Cosplay, Infinity Gauntlet 25th anniversary Panel) and Saturday (Breaking Into Comics Panel, Whatever else might happen) should be more than enough to warrant day to day posts.  There’s a Hulu Documentary being shown on Thursday I’m planning to go to about Bill Finger, the guy that “co-created” Batman.  I put that in quotes because Bill Finger–despite Bob Kane getting the credit for decades–really revamped the character into the hit character it became.  There are comics that show what Bob Kane’s original ideas entailed and they are dramatically different than what hit the page in Detective Comics #27.  Also a bit annoyed at a couple of scheduling conflicts.  Couples about making comics are at the same time as other events I wanted to go to, but that happens.
  • I gotta make business cards at some point this weekend.  Print them off on Monday or Tuesday.
  • Basically a full test of the Doctor Who cosplay.  Still going to grumble about not finding red Converse Chucks, but the white ones work.  Here’s a link to a picture of me in full costume.  All geared up with the sonic screwdriver and I was pretty happy when I took the pictures last night.
  • Been slacking on the drawings, but then again, I got a lot going on right now.  Hopefully during and after NYCC, I will get some more stuff done.
  • Might buy a Playstation 4 and a new TV after NYCC.  I thinking about the time that the new Skyrim comes out.  Been putting that off for awhile.
  • Bit of a running joke at work about how I’m not bringing the coworker I have the last few years.  It’s become more of a joke of late, in particular because he acts like I broke up with him or something.  I don’t know, I feel like my plan to simplify this trip will be more of a headache as a result of this.  I hope not.
  • Was feeling kind of sick today, headaches mostly.  Probably not taking in enough fluids.  Dehydration has been a bit of an issue for me at times, catching up to me at odd moments.  I’m on my fourth cup of tea and will continue to work on that.

So close to vacation…  Might forgo doing a regular post and do day to day posts about NYCC.

  • At 8am next Wednesday, I’ll be on a train to NYC, with comics and cosplay on my mind.  I still need to get business cards ready to go, get some reading material for the train–I tried to draw/write on my computer last year, but the movement was just a bit too much to focus.  Starting a list with the likes of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and maybe another Star Wars novel.  Maybe even that last Harry Potter novel/play?  Working on the Deathly Hallows now, so that could be a thing.
  • Found out when the BBC Takeover panel is.  This one is at Madison Square Garden Theatre, spotlighting Doctor Who, the spinoff called Class and the upcoming Dirk Gently television series–hence why I might pick up the book.  That will probably be the day I do the tenth Doctor cosplay.  It conflicted with a panel or two I wanted to go to, but this definitely takes priority.  I pretty much have that whole weekend planned out, should be a lot of fun.
  • Planning to do a Creators meet-up thing at NYCC.  Some networking will be a good idea.
  • Working on some comic stuff again.  Thinking about doing National Novel Writing Month, getting into some stories I might want to develop into comics later on.  Got this Zombie/Sword and Sorcery thing I’ve got a ton of notes for, might have written a page I hated and haven’t done anything with.  Might try to do a proper outline.
  • Somebody at work was going on about another Clinton email thing, something to do with Obama?  I don’t know, I’ve stopped paying attention to the emails.  I’ve more or less moved on from that, there isn’t much there that’s new or holds my attention.  Was it ill-advised and poorly handled?  Absolutely.  Was it illegal?  I’m not one hundred percent certain about that.  It is very hazy legal territory that probably was best left undisturbed.  Either way, it really isn’t what going to decide my vote this year.  Personally I’m more disappointed that people actually seem to believe there is much if any superiority in Trump.

Life can be weird sometimes…

  • Last year at some point, there was this bullshit video this woman put out about Obesity in this country.  I believe it was called, “Dear Fat People.”  Mostly it was just a series of bad jokes that missed a lot of points entirely.  This pops into my mind for a few reasons.  I did a bit of a response to it–just basically countering some of her arguments and exploring a bit of our culture’s handling of the issue.  I think I saw something recently about airlines putting bigger seats in planes actually.  Anyway, this popped to mind because in the last few days I saw a couple blurbs about “Muscle Shaming.”  When I say Muscle Shaming, I’m referring to women who work out and put on some level of muscle that get ridicule for it.  One of many cultural things we struggle with and I connect it fat shaming to some extent.  Personally, I will admit I am more attracted to woman who are in shape–although not limited to that.  Having a positive outlook about our bodies–male or female–can be a challenge.  I will admit to struggling with my own body image to some extent–I was the one who described myself as an anorexic twig once upon a time.  It shouldn’t matter what you’re body looks like, as long as you’re healthy and happy.
  • Going back to Black and White pages for awhile with the comic.  I just don’t have the focus to do the shading or coloring with it right now.  Maybe I’ll go back and do some work on the pages to get them ready for a trade paperback.  The important thing is to actually do the work.  Going to work on some more writing soon.
  • Officially acquired the suit for the Tenth Doctor cosplay.  Mostly just glad I found a pair of pants that fit.  My thighs are quite a bit larger than they have been, which has been a bit of problem with wearing pants.  I’m only going to do one day of it.  After factoring in that this is NYC in October, in an oven of a convention center, I figured one day of cosplay would be an achievement.  Might see if I can find a pair of red Converses tomorrow.  Or hit up another thrift store to see if I can find the coat.  Probably won’t worry too much, given that the convention center will be a bit of an oven.  Overall pleased with the direction that’s going.  Not so much with my British accent, but I’ll probably practice in my leisurely moments.  I am having fun with this, might try other cosplays at some point.
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