A cyberpunk distopia novel about a group of rebels attempting to take down the villainous computers controlling their world.  My 2007 NaNoWriMo entry, I had it on Wordclay, but I took it off to reconsider what it should be used for.  I have since revamped and loaded it to Lulu.

The world of the Iscariot Algorithm is one where humanity is on the ropes and nearly conquered by the machines intended to make life easier. It is in this world that Book One opens on Grey, a broken down product of the Corporation that now controls the world. Recruited by a captivating beauty, Grey joins their effort to strike out at the massive computer entity that dominates all life while confronting his own demons and ghosts.

The Revamp is complete!

Now available on Lulu!

Currently available in paperback for $10.14, free to download until the end of the month.

An Excerpt


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