Saga of the Universes is a planned three volume set of novels that focuses on a group of immortal agents who travel through the universes of existence in their efforts to preserve existence.  Volume one focuses on one such agent called Galen and a young woman he recruits to his cause, Corrina.  That is presently available on Lulu.  Two preview chapters are available below.

Starting to work on Volume Two at the moment, which I’ve posted some chapters on Writers’ Cafe.  That volume is concerned primarily with Corrina as she takes a leading role in the Knights of Quantum.

Saga of the Universe: Rise of the Knight on Lulu

Currently $12.35 for the paperback, $3.05 to download.

Saga of the Universes: Taking the Torch on Writers Cafe


Episode One of Rise of the Knight

Episode Two of Rise of the Knight


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