Tangent–a mathematical term describing a line that goes in the same direction as a related curve at a particular point.  Also, a musical term that describes a part of the action of the clavichord that both initiates and sustains a tone, and helps determine pitch.  Also, a term used to describe some forms of alternate universes.

Delirium–a debilitating decline or shift in a person’s ability to focus attention, perception, and cognition.  Usually a state of being semiconscious.

Tangent Delirium 2.0–a semiconscious and debilitating look at a variety of stories, places and things.

This has always been intended to be a Tangent look at life and the stories it can inspire.  An effort to better grok and understand the world.  I write and draw–to some debatable quality–and will continue to do so.  Mostly I’m just a human that’s made some mistakes and trying to make sure I don’t repeat them.

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