Common Sense

July 2, 2017

A much as I try to avoid descriptors beyond the basic idea of being human, there are times when some are needed.  In a lot of ways, I am an absurdist.  I find it difficult to believe and accept notions when there is little evidence to support those conclusions and believe it is an absurdity to do so.  I am also a common sensist–might be making up a word there.  Work with logic and follow what marks the most sensical path going forward.

There’s a great meme I’ve used a profile picture at various times.  It is a panel from a Deadpool comic where Deadpool states, “Shhh!  My common sense is tingling.”  The caption reads, “Common Sense:  So rare it is a goddamn superpower.”  And that is true.  I could tell myriad of stories about how people acted without logic or common sense and left everybody wondering, “WTF were they thinking?”  And I will confess to a few times I acted against what would seem a common sense approach.

The reason this springs to mind is basically the chaos unfolding on the national stage of our government right now.  I look at the two big issues holding attention at the moment–our President being a dipshit and the Healthcare debacle–I have to wonder how much of that is a loss of common sense.  I mean look at Healthcare.  Big issue: Cost and Availability.  The ACA actually did a lot to address these issues, but I think it wouldn’t necessarily be too big of a leap to say that more needs to be done.  Costs are still expected to skyrocket in the coming years.  So common sense would tell us that any new Healthcare Bill would have to address that, right?

As for Drumpf himself… I wonder if his life and upbringing ever gave him the opportunity to develop it.  Or if his supporters will show enough to realize that they’ve been duped.  I don’t know there is plenty about his decision making that makes me wonder if he has ever experienced common sense.  Common sense tells us it is not necessarily healthy for people to put party and corporate interests ahead of country.  Yet now we have a political system overwhelmed by ideology and corporate interests.

So we need common sense back.  We need to think again.  To learn again.  To feel again.  We need ideas, but also the common sense to put those ideas to the best use.  As many thoughts, ideas and concepts I’ve expressed, there have definitely been moments where I could have exercised a bit more common sense to yield better results.  While I have few apologies or regrets, it would be disgustingly arrogant to say I haven’t made mistakes.  I just try to have the common sense to learn, grow and do better.


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