Personal Review

May 1, 2017

But with a presence that billows out

Of any space

That even tries

To contain it.

“It’s Always The Quiet Ones” Something I thought I had deleted

So I’ve been working on my employee review questionnaire as part of tonight’s can’t sleep so I might as well do something and I’m going to share a few thoughts.  Basically it’s four questions.  What jobs can you do?  How can the supervisors help you with your performance/career growth?  How can your job be improved?  What are your personal or professional goals?

Writing it up was a lot easier than I thought it would be.  Mostly I just acknowledge I’ve held myself in place and need something different.  Nothing really new, just a slight redefinition.  Part of it is a bit of bad luck with a mediocre job market.  And in all honesty, how many jobs can you really get without 3-5 years of experience in a given field?  But that’s not really the whole story.

Maybe on a level this has been some kind of punishment for how things ended with Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong.  In some ways, that’s probably been true.  I do think I made a mistake in not going to work on the farm.  I think there would have been more opportunities there than I had initially believed if I had not been so daunted by things going on at the time and the general feelings of it.  Speculative, I know, but I definitely think there were a lot of unexplored positives.

So yeah.  I will admit I have been confined for whatever reason.  And the constraints are going to have to go.


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