Star Wars Season Three Review

April 5, 2017

Mild Spoilers, anyone that saw the Ghost and Chopper in Rogue One kinda figured where the next step would be.  On a side note, Marvel’s doing an six issue adaptation of Rogue One set to start coming out in April?  Seriously?

So season three of Star Wars: Rebels came to a close this last weekend.  Was mildly surprised that the season did not end on the Battle of Scarif.  It essentially ended with the crew narrowly escaping Thrawn’s attack and proceeding to Yavin 4.  Sabine led a team of Mandalorians to the Rebels’ aid, briefly returning before having to go back to continue fighting to free Mandalore.  That storyline appears to be the main story for season four, which I do have a theory on.

Ezra and Kanan are still present with the team, but this season did introduce the Bendu, who added a new dynamic to the Jedi storyline.  One of the things that seems to be happening with them is that they are being pushed more to the middle between light and dark.  Between Maul, Vader and the Inquisitors, they were confronted or tempted by the Dark Side, with the Bendu being the first to truly advocate for the middle.  That continued throughout the season, leading up to the final battle.

Overall, it was a solid season.  I think they neatly wrapped up a few plot storylines before they progressed into the finale and set up the next season.  I know that they officially list the events of season three unfolding two years before Rogue One and Episode IV, but I can’t help but think there will be a general progression of events to bring that point about sooner.  Maybe have the Battle of Scarif be the mid-season event?  Or even to start the season?  I like the midseason idea myself, but I really don’t think the season will end there.

My theory is that the opening of the season will involve Kanan and Ezra learning about Jedi connections on Yavin 4, Hera getting a promotion, a couple of quick checks on Sabine, some missions for Agent Kallus as he adjusts to working with the Rebels directly–maybe working with Cassian Andor and K-2SO?–with the Battle of Scarif and the Death Star coming about in the middle of the season.  After that, Mandalore.  I think the Darksaber history will be revisited as Kanan and Ezra continue their journey.  Maybe even some explanation of Ahsoka Tano’s fate?  I saw some speculation that Episode VIII will have some connections to the Old Republic stories, so it would not necessarily be surprising to see some of that occur in Rebels.  Especially since a lot of that history that has been confirmed involves Mandalore.

So that’s my prediction.  The group will be straight off to Mandalore after the battle of Scarif and that’s the big arc and focus for the season.


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