Some Articles of Interest

April 2, 2017

I try not to spam people’s FB or Twitter or whatever too much with posts and articles, so I’m going to do a general, “Here Are a Few Things I’ve Read Lately” post to try to keep it somewhat organized.  Today’s will just be a couple of articles that stood out to me, something to think about.

Jobs That Will Cost You The Most Sleep.  This was a bit of an interesting read in that it made me feel a bit better about my lack of sleep as it stated my particular industry has 48.9% of people reporting less than seven hours of sleep, probably higher for workers of the nightshift.  Felt a little less… alone in my insomnia after seeing that number.  It is interesting in that there is no benefit for anyone involved.  They estimate in the article that lack of sleep costs the US economy up to $411 billion a year.  1.2 million lost days of work.

Americans Are Having Less Sex.  I suppose this relates to the first article a bit, in that our professional lives are screwing us all up.  I remember at some point in the course of our back and forth an ex said something about how I should “read a book about sex and the female body.”  Now part of me has wondered if she was serious or trying to be a bitch when she said that, but I always found that to be a ridiculous statement in that I always felt that the biggest hindrance in our sex life was her lack of clarity and openness about sex–possibly a result of some of the factors outlined in that article?  I don’t know, but I am leaning that way.  At work I’m outright refusing any and all overtime if only because I have grown much more aware of a greater need for a work/home separation.  And I do feel I’ve observed an increase my sex drive lately, possibly as  a result of acknowledging that need.  Could the decrease in sex be a result in the continued degradation of our work/home separation?  Related to the increase in anxiety and mental health issues?


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