Wednesday Wonderings For 3/22/2017

March 22, 2017

Waking up can be the hardest thing to do.

  • I had succeeded in playing as every character in Overwatch for at least an hour.  At least until yesterday, when the new character came out.  Will be getting that caught up in the near future.  It was worth it for the other characters.  Helped me to better appreciate each one’s abilities and skills.  I would say on some level that’s the right way to play.
  • Been drawing more at work lately.  Feel like that’s a good thing.  Now if I could just get focused on actual comic pages again…  Mostly I’ve just been struggling with certain panels and that’s slowed me down a bit.
  • I was reading this article recently about how complaining creates more negativity and basically only begets more complaining and negativity.  The article itself recommended a focus on solutions to remedy this.  When I’ve written about a number of issues, events, topics, and people here, I do see a lot of complaining and negativity in those scenarios with very few solutions being offered.  I prefer not to entertain “What If…” scenarios, but I do think a lot of things would have played out differently if people had been more focused on solutions rather than getting caught up in their own negativity.
  • I get thinking about “What if…” scenarios.  I have occasionally come across an event or two that brings them up, I’ve written in some detail about them.  What if I had left the Cheese Plant for any of the various jobs I had interviewed for?  What if I had been more encouraged or willing to get into farming?  I could list off dozens of these.  I don’t seriously speculate on them too much or really believe the ultimate outcome would necessarily be different.  I admit I have made a myriad of mistakes.  If I can make amends for them, I do.  There are some I can’t, although I would not necessarily turn the opportunity to do so if it was the right thing to do.

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