Wednesday Wonderings For 1/4/2017

January 4, 2017

A new year.  Didn’t do one of these last week because of Carrie Fisher’s death.  Kinda hit hard.

  • Star Wars has been on my mind a lot lately.  I had been reading a couple of the newer “Canon” novels, rewatching Clone Wars, catching up on Rebels, saw Rogue One.  Even though the prequels did fail to live up to the hype in a lot of ways, rewatching Clone Wars does give me a slightly higher opinion of them.  Clone Wars really was a fantastic war serial and helps to raise some of the weaker aspects of the movies.  Still, Lucas did leave some gaping holes in the movies.
  • Star Wars was really my first fandom and always will be.  Like I said the other day, Princess Leia was really my first crush and I grew up with those stories.  I might have strayed a bit during and after the prequels, but it was always the true love of fandoms to me.
  • It occurred to me the other day I haven’t had Indian Food in forever.  I kinda miss the saag and mango curries.  Might have to remedy that soon.
  • Working on scripting a new comic.  Developing it into a blend of Final Fantasy and Firefly.  I’m just trying to avoid making it out to be like East of West or The Dark Tower too much.  Those are the real standard when it comes to fantasy/scifi western stuff.
  • The Tom Petty song “Won’t Back Down” has been my theme of late.  So easy to get dragged down by the negativity and bullshit of everybody’s drama sometimes.

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