“To me, she is royalty.”

December 27, 2016

Fandoms become part of our lives.  While I’ve developed loves for a myriad of shows and novels, there was one that has always been there.  The first love.

Star Wars.

I remember being a kid and wanting nothing more than to watch Episode IV again.  And again.  And Empire Strikes Back.  And Return of the Jedi.

There were a lot of reasons for that.  There was a big one though.

Princess Leia.

She was just such a badass in those movies.  Every bit of snark she shot at Tarkin and Vader just made me want to love her even more.  Then she starts giving it to Luke and Han and you realize who the real badass of this movie and everything to come will be.  And that was a lot of who she was in real life.  I remember hearing a story about how Carrie Fisher’s mother was upset that her daughter wasn’t flying first class when they were filming Star Wars.  She was in the room when her mother was giving George Lucas and earful about it when Carrie took the phone and told her mother, “Mother, shut the fuck up.  I’m flying Coach.”  Might not be exactly how the story went down, but it really fits Fisher.

Carrie Fisher was really my first crush.  In a lot of ways, a lot of what I’ve looked for in a woman has essentially been defined by Carrie Fisher.

And I suppose there are worse qualifications.

Even after Star Wars, she continued to amaze.  After overcoming her various struggles–including the loss of her friend John Belushi–she became a writer and advocate for mental health.  Outspoken, opinionated and not afraid of the backlash, she was everything we needed her to be and more.  She might not have done movies on the scale of Star Wars in the years that followed but her impact was no less significant.

Of all the iconic figures who have passed away this year, this one feels like it hits harder.  She will be missed.


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