Wednesday Wondering For 12/21/2016

December 21, 2016

Still got some Christmas Shopping to do, but I’m better under pressure.

  • Should get the VTCC paperwork done soon.  Been putting it off and not getting it done.  Looking forward to actually having a table this year.  It should be fun.  I really do feel like I’ve reached a point where I’m trying more to fully embrace and grok an experience rather than just go through the motions.  I’m going to try to get back to comics soon, been focused more on print and sketch cards lately.  Started working on a new comic, a western type thing.
  • Went shopping for tires for my Jeep today.  Always a somewhat depressing experience in that it doesn’t seem like they should cost so much more than a smaller vehicle’s, but they are always costing twice as much.
  • Part of me wishes a lot more of the Electors had voted against who won their state, if only to see what would happen.  I think something like 29 states have laws requiring Electors to vote for the candidate who won their state, but I think the Constitution says they can vote for who they want.  Would have been interesting to see those laws challenged.  Might do a post about the Electoral College at some point, could be fascinating to look into.
  • Might do a true year end reflection post in the coming days.  I did one a few weeks ago, but that was a bit more of a “fuck this shit” tone than I intended.  Admittedly, there was a lot about this last year that was less than optimal.  However, it would be best to reach a fullness about it.
  • I have a list of people I tend to think need to shut up.  I don’t think Donald Trump should be on that list, if only because he has become a representation of all that is wrong with our country and it is good to have a clear reminder of that.  I put people like the Clintons, Sean Hannity, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, etc… on that list.  People that just add nothing to discourse while doing overwhelming damage.  I’ve recently added a couple of names: Tomi Lahren and Lena Dunham.  Lahren has become a parrot for the conservative right.  She’s a young, hot blond that basically is just repeating the diatribe of her political leanings.  There’s no substance, no new ideas to her views.  She stops auditioning for Fox News, I’ll be impressed.  Dunham has never shied away from controversy, but this latest abortion thing is just idiotic.  By saying she wishes she had an abortion–regardless of her reasoning–she trivializes the issue and destroys her own credibility.  If a woman is considering an abortion, chances are something went horribly wrong.  And you know, the majority of legislators making these laws about abortion are men who have no personal experience with the issue–making a bit of an assumption there, but probably not that far out of one–and they aren’t concerned with the stigma of not having a personal experience with it.

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