Final Fantasy XV so far

December 9, 2016

Been getting too much into Politics lately, so I’m going to do something completely different.  I’m probably not even halfway through the game right now–spending a lot of time riding Chocobos and doing side quests so I’m not really sure–so I figured I would do a quick progress review.  I thought about writing some of the other games I’ve been playing but those are all older games–Uncharted Four, Fallout Four, Batman: Arkham Knight–or they are remastered editions of older games–Skyrim.

Thus far I am enjoying the game.  It gets back to some classic elements.  The plot point of a Crystal being a central element of power harkens back to the early games in the series, as does the basic team format.  Even the characters seem much more fitting with the traditional Final Fantasy role structure.  Noctis being the leader has a Paladin/Holy Knight element going on, Glaudiolus is a traditional fighter, Ignis is a healer/tactician while Prompto is range fighter/thief character.  I can see a few elements where it seems to be borrowing from Skyrim, in particular the side quests and the general use of summons being somewhat comparable to the Daedric Lords, as well as the use of waiting and fast travel in certain situations.  The Ascension Menu where skills are learned progressively was also another area I found comparable to Skyrim.

The general gameplay does seem to be getting away from the turn based system completely and going to more of a hack and slash format.  Definitely makes it paced a bit better.  Personally I love the turn based format, but I can understand the update being necessary.

I’m liking the characterization so far.  One of the things that was wearing about FFXII and FFXIII was that there were a number of characters you got tired of having around very quickly.  I’m sure there are varying opinions about which characters were the most annoying, but I will say there were a few I found bothersome–Vanille, Hope and Vaan spring to mind.  In FFXV, I think the characters are really well done and have this fantastic chemistry.  The general interactions between the four heroes gives a much better feel of camaraderie than in recent Final Fantasy games.  Even the supporting characters are more interesting.  Ardyn Izunia feels like this weird blend of Reeve (FFVII) and Keftka (FFVI) which makes him all the more intriguing to me.  And Lunafreya has this feel like she’s an Aerith (FFVII) and Ellone (FFVIII) hybrid.  Even the main characters are reminding me of some of the better characters from classic Final Fantasy, Noctis reminds me somewhat of Cecil from FFIV being the big one.  So yeah, in general I’m just liking the characters much better.

In general I’m just liking this game.  It’s going back to basics while managing not to completely recycle every old idea and concept.  It is an enjoyable game and story.


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