Wednesday Wonderings for 12/07/2016

December 7, 2016

Some hardcore wondering going on today…

  • The Brexit case is in the Supreme Court over in the UK right now.  Basically deciding whether or not Parliament has a say in the conditions of their leaving the EU or leaving at all, which could complicate the issues at hand.  I will be keeping an eye on this if only because there is so much potential for problems on all sides.  Plus the EU has basically set a deadline for the Amendment 50 negotiations to be done.  When all is said and done, I have to wonder if Britain will be any better off.  I don’t think their trade deals will be anywhere near as good as they hope and the big wildcard in this is what what will happen with Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales–More so the first two, I don’t believe that Wales has discussed breaking away from Britain as much.
  • I saw something about how members of the Electoral College are considering voting against Trump to keep him from becoming President.  Sounds kinda weird, but he did not in fact win the popular vote.  And in an odd twist of history, the Electoral College was originally implemented to keep someone like Trump–an unqualified demagogue–from taking power.  Somebody said to me, “Hell would break loose” if the Electoral College did not vote for Trump.  Hasn’t Hell broken loose already?  Has everybody missed the twitter rants, massive spike in civil unrest and shady double deals?  It is far too late to worry about Hell breaking loose.
  • Taking a moment to ponder the legacy of Barack Obama.  I think he too often had to make the best of a bad deal and compromised too much early on.  First Black President, I think there was a sizable portion of the population that wanted to see him fail.  Maybe because he got the Nobel Prize so soon, maybe he was too ambitious…  It might not have been racism or ego, it could have been a lot of things.  I look back and I say, “You could have done worse.”  Really, that’s all you can say in the end.  He could have done worse with the hands he was dealt.
  • Enough politics.  My birthday was Sunday.  Other people tend to get more excited about it than I do.  Got the usual rounds of “happy birthday” posts on Facebook, a set of storage containers, cash.  Nothing too exciting.  Bought myself some workout stuff of Flex Comics.  Bought this shirt.  And Final Fantasy XV.  Those were my birthday presents to myself.  I really spent most of my birthday and the day after playing FFXV.
  • Enjoying my vacation so far.  Lot of FFXV.  Going to see Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them at some point this week.  Saw there was a bit of controversy about Johnny Depp playing a part.  Apparently playing Grindelwald?  He’s a fine actor, weird guy in general from what I’ve seen, but I’m kinda tired of seeing him in movies.  Heard that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child might be coming to Broadway at some point.  That could be worth seeing.
  • Not really related to anything, but I’ve noticed over the last few months I cannot stand to be wearing much more than a pair of boxers when I go to bed.  I used to wear flannel pants and a shirt, but lately I can’t stand it anymore.  Might be a side effect of putting on weight/muscle in that my body temperature is higher than it used to be?  Just an odd thing I noticed.

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