Election Update Ranting

November 9, 2016

Mostly a lot of anger right now.  I see a lot of people calling this our “Brexit” without acknowledging that many British citizens have expressed regret for the vote and the myriad of problems both happening now and foreseen as a result.  Pay attention.  It will likely be years before the full effect of Brexit is known and it is still very unstable.  Much like our own election last night.  I keep hearing about “taking back our country” when they talk about the Brexit and this election.  The idea amuses me.  Did you lose track your country?  Did it wander off into the woods and isn’t coming back when you call it?  No.  You didn’t do anything for fuck knows how long.  Sure you complained and complained, but did you do anything?  No.  So you didn’t lose your country.  You gave it up and it will never be the same for you.

Taking back our Country…  I want to rant about Julian Assange, James Comey and the FBI, my country’s fascination with nonsense, and any number of other things.  I want to scream “What the fuck are you smoking?” when people say they think Trump will surround himself with good people.  I want to point out there was no champion of the Constitution and either will demolish the freedoms our country was founded on.  That Clinton and this country’s lack of acknowledgement of reality is what cost her.  That a lot of Trump’s platform couldn’t be more “Establishment” if you’re really paying attention.  That this is why we can’t have nice things.  And I have and will likely again.

But I do see that the House and Senate is a lot closer than it once was.  Not as much as I had hoped, but definitely more evenly split than it once was.  Democrats have cut into Republican majorities.  Not as much as I had hoped, but maybe enough.  The question of how many Republicans stay in line after Trump’s narrow win last night–it was actually quite close in a number of ways–will be the big one.  Can Trump convince them he’s their guy?  There could be a lot of animosity towards him.  Remember, Barack Obama had a majority in the House and Senate, but had some real struggles to even get the Affordable Healthcare Act passed–not stating what that says about the ACA, but there is truth there.  And in two years there will be another election for Congress anyway.  If Trump lasts that long.

I think President Trump will find Congress much harder to deal with, including his own VP.  One of the things that struck me throughout the campaign was how the two of them seemed to be struggling to keep on the same page.  We’ll see.  If not we’ve got deregulations, a wall we’ll end up paying for and a skyrocketing deficit to look forward to.


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