The Conflicted Vote

November 8, 2016

I had back and forth about who to vote for over and over again for the last week.  I literally decided as I stared at the ballot in Bristol this morning.  I’ve never truly been convinced by any candidate, so I really spent a lot of time thinking it over.  The two that I found most conflicting were the President and Governor’s race.  I have not necessarily been sold on either Sue Minter or Phil Scott, so I went the alternate route of Bill Lee.  Former Red Sox pitcher–dare I say Legend?–I will admit this was a bit of a protest vote in the sense that I just could not bring myself to vote for Scott or Minter.  Yeah, I voted for the Space Man.

The Presidency was a bit more complicated.  I had ruled out two candidates.

Purely on policy, there was no way I could vote for Trump.  I personally believe his policies would crank up the deficit into areas I cannot fathom and border on impracticality.

Gary Johnson is way too far gone.  That’s all I can say.  Bill Weld should have topped that ticket.

That left two.  Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton.

I gave Stein some serious thought.  I really did.  I do think a more aggressive progressive agenda is necessary.  However, I doubt she pragmatic senses to accomplish that agenda.  Or the experience.  I do hope her and Johnson get 5% of the vote, so that they get access to federal funds.  Maybe that will enable them to get a bit more high profile and in a position to accomplish more.  I would love to see the Green Party and/or the Libertarians get a few seats in Congress.

So I voted for Clinton.  Not really the choice I had hoped to be making, but what’s done is done.  I do think she’s got the most capability to accomplish something.  At least I voted.


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