Wednesday Wonderings For 10/19/2016

October 19, 2016

New Projects underway.

  • Picked up this sketch card kit at Barnes and Noble the other day, did three practice ones of Captain Marvel, Batman and Wonder Woman.  They came out relatively well and I think I’ll do more with the idea to have them available at a table at VTCC.  I think I will be doing a table this year, if all goes well.
  • Should be done with issue #1 of Order of the Dragon soon and have it all up on the Tumblr site.  Working on the last page now.  Going to start working on issue #2, but I’m going to try to be more consistent about posting as I feel I got way too sidetracked.  Keeping side projects like the cards should help with pacing.
  • Going to visit other gyms in the near future.  Mostly I just want a change in scenery for my workouts, do some different stuff I don’t normally do.
  • Been trying to sort out my thoughts on Wikileaks and their… campaign against Hillary Clinton.  I generally have respected them if only because they seem to genuinely believe they are doing the right thing.  However, there are handful of concerns I have about their more recent leaks.  Two big ones.  One, I think it gives support to ideas and people who are far more dangerous than Clinton–as repugnant as some might find her, it might be worthwhile to remember it isn’t all about her.  Two, in their single-mindedness, I think they are straying close to becoming something they would have tried to expose and destroy in the past.  Just my feeling on the matter.

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