Saturday of NYCC and a Few Thoughts on Mental Health

October 8, 2016

Today’s my last day in NYC, taking it in a bit more.  Saturday tends to be the more packed to the brim day for the four days, and it was.  In the end, I do feel about how this trip went.  Going by myself this year was a good experience.  I actually walked back to my hotel each afternoon– from 38th street to 51st–each night just so I could see some of the city.  And it was fun just walking around.  Found out where all the Late Night Shows are filmed–Colbert is like over, Daily show is couple blocks in another direction and Fallon is maybe three or four blocks away.  Anyway, it was a good experience to do this myself.

I did get Neal Adams to sign my copy of Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali, which I’m still geeked out over.  Got it dedicated to me and everything.  I’ll be showing that off any chance I get.

Bought a handful of small gifts I’m going to distribute when I get back to Vermont.  Kind of a tricky thing, figuring out what people would like.  I think people will like them.

Bought a couple of prints.  One of the J. Scott Campbell variant to Spider-Gwen #1.  Also bought a print of Red Sonja done by Cat Staggs.  I like the Red Sonja stories, even if I do find the chainmail bikini ridiculous.


Went to a panel about Mental Health in Comics.  One of the speakers was a counselor and the others have all had some level of experience with depression or other disorders.  It was a very interesting talk.  They at one point asked the room how many people deal with some kind of Mental Health issue and about ninety percent of the room raised their hand.

As I’ve talked about in the last few months, Mental Health is something that I’m trying to become more informed and aware of.  There have been a lot of reasons for that.  My age group–the so-called Millennials–have shown a stronger tendency towards developing issues with Mental Health.  And Millennials have come up in a lot of discussions lately.  I know a lot of people who have some dealt with something along these lines on one level or another.  And a few people I probably should have confronted about having some kind of issue–not diagnosing, but I would be lying if I didn’t acknowledge that I thought certain people were struggling in ways they may not have been aware of.  In one or two cases I really do think my lack of awareness did do a lot of damage.

Anyway, it was a very enlightening panel and I feel I learned a lot.


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