Thursday of 2016 NYCC…

October 6, 2016

Not a bad day.  Just got back to the room.  Not much going on after 5PM that held my attention.  Got a lot done though.


  • From Stan Lee, I will hopefully be getting copies of Fantastic Four #46, #66, #67 and Thor #165 and #193 signed.  Those are some key issues for one reason or another–First Black Bolt, first Adam Warlock, Last Stan Lee on Thor–so I’m pleased to be maximizing the value there.  Almost went and got Tales of Suspense #75 with that lot, but I decided to drop that one from the list.  Mostly cost, although I do acknowledge there could be a bit of subconscious exgirlfriend nonsense.
  • From Jim Starlin, I got Infinity Gauntlet #1-3 as well as Avengers Annual #7.  Thanos stories basically.
  • The rest were Star Wars variants.  I had a couple of Poe Dameron variant covers I got signed by Charles Soule.  I also had a Millenium Falcon variant for Han Solo #1 that I got signed by Mark Brooks and Majorie Liu.  I might move one or two of those fairly quickly, I don’t know yet.  Still thinking it over.


  • Went to this Creators Unite thing hosted by Charles Soule and Jim Zub.  That’s good panel, I liked it.  Learned a lot about the years it took for them to get working at Marvel.  Kind of a good experience just to sit in on this.
  • Went to the Creator’s Meet Up.  Wasn’t quite as chill as I had hoped, maybe a bit too much pressure.
  • The last panel I went to today was a preview of an upcoming Hulu documentary called Batman and Bill.  Talking about the creation of Batman and how Bill Finger’s contributions were fairly known but not necessarily acknowledged by DC Comics until very recently.  This sneak peek was a bit of tear jerker without seeing it in its entirety.

Also picked up a couple of prints, three t-shirts and a folio for larger prints.  Tomorrow will be my Tenth Doctor Cosplay, so I’ll probably have more pictures.


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