September 30, 2016

Few random things I didn’t really touch on with the Wednesday Post.

  • Going to a daily post reflecting on the day each day at NYCC next week rather than the usual Wednesday Wonderings.  I figure Thursday (Various Comic Book signings, Creator Meet-ups, Other Panels that have caught my attention), Friday (BBC event, Doctor Who Cosplay, Infinity Gauntlet 25th anniversary Panel) and Saturday (Breaking Into Comics Panel, Whatever else might happen) should be more than enough to warrant day to day posts.  There’s a Hulu Documentary being shown on Thursday I’m planning to go to about Bill Finger, the guy that “co-created” Batman.  I put that in quotes because Bill Finger–despite Bob Kane getting the credit for decades–really revamped the character into the hit character it became.  There are comics that show what Bob Kane’s original ideas entailed and they are dramatically different than what hit the page in Detective Comics #27.  Also a bit annoyed at a couple of scheduling conflicts.  Couples about making comics are at the same time as other events I wanted to go to, but that happens.
  • I gotta make business cards at some point this weekend.  Print them off on Monday or Tuesday.
  • Basically a full test of the Doctor Who cosplay.  Still going to grumble about not finding red Converse Chucks, but the white ones work.  Here’s a link to a picture of me in full costume.  All geared up with the sonic screwdriver and I was pretty happy when I took the pictures last night.
  • Been slacking on the drawings, but then again, I got a lot going on right now.  Hopefully during and after NYCC, I will get some more stuff done.
  • Might buy a Playstation 4 and a new TV after NYCC.  I thinking about the time that the new Skyrim comes out.  Been putting that off for awhile.
  • Bit of a running joke at work about how I’m not bringing the coworker I have the last few years.  It’s become more of a joke of late, in particular because he acts like I broke up with him or something.  I don’t know, I feel like my plan to simplify this trip will be more of a headache as a result of this.  I hope not.
  • Was feeling kind of sick today, headaches mostly.  Probably not taking in enough fluids.  Dehydration has been a bit of an issue for me at times, catching up to me at odd moments.  I’m on my fourth cup of tea and will continue to work on that.

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