Wednesday Wonderings For 9/28/2016

September 28, 2016

So close to vacation…  Might forgo doing a regular post and do day to day posts about NYCC.

  • At 8am next Wednesday, I’ll be on a train to NYC, with comics and cosplay on my mind.  I still need to get business cards ready to go, get some reading material for the train–I tried to draw/write on my computer last year, but the movement was just a bit too much to focus.  Starting a list with the likes of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and maybe another Star Wars novel.  Maybe even that last Harry Potter novel/play?  Working on the Deathly Hallows now, so that could be a thing.
  • Found out when the BBC Takeover panel is.  This one is at Madison Square Garden Theatre, spotlighting Doctor Who, the spinoff called Class and the upcoming Dirk Gently television series–hence why I might pick up the book.  That will probably be the day I do the tenth Doctor cosplay.  It conflicted with a panel or two I wanted to go to, but this definitely takes priority.  I pretty much have that whole weekend planned out, should be a lot of fun.
  • Planning to do a Creators meet-up thing at NYCC.  Some networking will be a good idea.
  • Working on some comic stuff again.  Thinking about doing National Novel Writing Month, getting into some stories I might want to develop into comics later on.  Got this Zombie/Sword and Sorcery thing I’ve got a ton of notes for, might have written a page I hated and haven’t done anything with.  Might try to do a proper outline.
  • Somebody at work was going on about another Clinton email thing, something to do with Obama?  I don’t know, I’ve stopped paying attention to the emails.  I’ve more or less moved on from that, there isn’t much there that’s new or holds my attention.  Was it ill-advised and poorly handled?  Absolutely.  Was it illegal?  I’m not one hundred percent certain about that.  It is very hazy legal territory that probably was best left undisturbed.  Either way, it really isn’t what going to decide my vote this year.  Personally I’m more disappointed that people actually seem to believe there is much if any superiority in Trump.

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