Wednesday Wonderings For 9/21/2016

September 21, 2016

Life can be weird sometimes…

  • Last year at some point, there was this bullshit video this woman put out about Obesity in this country.  I believe it was called, “Dear Fat People.”  Mostly it was just a series of bad jokes that missed a lot of points entirely.  This pops into my mind for a few reasons.  I did a bit of a response to it–just basically countering some of her arguments and exploring a bit of our culture’s handling of the issue.  I think I saw something recently about airlines putting bigger seats in planes actually.  Anyway, this popped to mind because in the last few days I saw a couple blurbs about “Muscle Shaming.”  When I say Muscle Shaming, I’m referring to women who work out and put on some level of muscle that get ridicule for it.  One of many cultural things we struggle with and I connect it fat shaming to some extent.  Personally, I will admit I am more attracted to woman who are in shape–although not limited to that.  Having a positive outlook about our bodies–male or female–can be a challenge.  I will admit to struggling with my own body image to some extent–I was the one who described myself as an anorexic twig once upon a time.  It shouldn’t matter what you’re body looks like, as long as you’re healthy and happy.
  • Going back to Black and White pages for awhile with the comic.  I just don’t have the focus to do the shading or coloring with it right now.  Maybe I’ll go back and do some work on the pages to get them ready for a trade paperback.  The important thing is to actually do the work.  Going to work on some more writing soon.
  • Officially acquired the suit for the Tenth Doctor cosplay.  Mostly just glad I found a pair of pants that fit.  My thighs are quite a bit larger than they have been, which has been a bit of problem with wearing pants.  I’m only going to do one day of it.  After factoring in that this is NYC in October, in an oven of a convention center, I figured one day of cosplay would be an achievement.  Might see if I can find a pair of red Converses tomorrow.  Or hit up another thrift store to see if I can find the coat.  Probably won’t worry too much, given that the convention center will be a bit of an oven.  Overall pleased with the direction that’s going.  Not so much with my British accent, but I’ll probably practice in my leisurely moments.  I am having fun with this, might try other cosplays at some point.

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