Wednesday Wonderings For 9/14/2016

September 14, 2016

So many plans…

  • Got my NYCC ticket in the mail on Monday.  It’s all activated and ready to go.  Budgeting is about where I’d like it to be, comics are all picked out for signings, etc…  Now just need to get the cosplay stuff all sorted out.  Still gotta hit the thrift stores.
  • Started to think about relationships again.  Being single, I get the impression everybody thinks there is a problem if I’m not in one.  I’ve kinda touched on this in the past, but I’m embracing the idea that the traditional expectations in such cases are becoming outdated.  I mean, yeah I was pretty much all set to marry the last girl, but did I see that or marriage in general as anything more than a formality?  Not really.  Part of the reason I wasn’t in any rush to do it–dress up, throw a party, you’re done.  In a lot of ways the day to day dynamic doesn’t really change.  I have a coworker who actually got married purely because it was cheaper for him and his girlfriend to get health insurance when they had a child together.  Paperwork and legal nonsense does not necessarily make commitment mean more.  I think the bigger shame is how much it is conditioned into us and incentivized as a necessity.  Mostly just getting back to the Stranger In A Strange Land ideas.
  • Going to start looking into getting some prints ready for tabling at the next con I can legit do it for.  I’m hoping to have fifteen to twenty ready by the time VTCC rolls around next year, which I’ve got a good start on.  Ideally I’d also like to have some comics to sell there as well.  Hoping to get rolling on some comics again as I get that a bit more sorted out.

List of prints:

  1. Ewok:  I got a finished version of this where there’s a Ewok standing in the forest saying “Yub Yub!”  I added a box for translating the “Yub, Yub!”, which can vary from person to person.  Basically a fun gimmick.
  2. Captain America Copics:  I colored in this drawing of Captain America I did in Copic Grays, might plan on turning that into something sellable.
  3. Batman Cover Swipe:  Another Copic Grays practice where I swiped a Neal Adams swipe of Bob Kane, I colored that in recently.  Looks pretty decent, did some creative cropping.
  4. Spider-Gwen: Might tweak this one a bit more, might have made it a bit too… Something.  It looks good already though.

Planned Prints:

  1. Nosferatu/Order of the Dragon:  Should do at least a couple from my own comics.
  2. Superman:  Got an idea or two here.
  3. Catwoman:  Working on one right now, hopefully that will progress the way I hope.
  4. Captain Marvel:  Either the original Mar-Vell or Carol Danvers, exploring some options there.  I’ve already done a couple focusing on each, hopefully getting something higher quality soon.
  5. Adam Warlock:  For one of my favorite comic book characters, I don’t draw him very often.
  6. Black Canary: Started working on something here as well, might get something done soon.

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