Wednesday Wonderings For 9/7/2016

September 7, 2016

Some goals I’m succeeding at, some I’m not.

  • Drawing a lot more, although I’m having a bit of aversion to drawing on the computer in Photoshop.  That part holds up page work.  Did a pretty decent Black Canary drawing–which reminds me to see if I can pick up the second volume of GL/GA–as well as a pretty good coloring job on that Captain America and a Batman Cover Swipe I did in Copic Grays.  Few minor issues with each of those, but I’m happy where they are.  Got a few others I’m going to try to work on.  I’m hoping to start getting some pages done while building up a bit of a catalog of print worthy material.
  • Also hoping to get more requests from friends and people I know for things to draw.  Think it will help me to figure out what there’s more of a market for and what people want to see more of.
  • Did my daily weigh in and I’m weighing about 170 pounds right now.  So I have basically reached and exceeded my goal weight.  And it is not a lot of fat–although I do have a bit more of a gut right now than I have in the past.  It is mostly muscle and even the stomach is receding a bit as I continue to work out.  It can be fascinating to observe how my body has changed over time.  Working Flax Seed into my diet, which is helping in a number of ways.
  • NYCC is officially planned out.  Tickets are paid for, hotel is booked, train is booked and paid for, and budgeting is nearly figured out.  Still a month away, but I’m getting more amped up.  I still regret not asking some people to come down with me, I can think of a few people that would have had fun.  Oh well, it’s not like they would have necessarily been keen to go anyway.
  • I like the sideburns look.  Bit OCD when it comes to keeping them even, but I like what I’ve got going there.  Coming in nicely.  Try to get the rest of the Cosplay together in the coming weeks.  Hit up the Thrift Stores and such.
  • Still practicing with the accent, although I doubt I will make much progress.  I will keep practicing for the fun of it.  Might be good to just use it for a few one liners and see how that goes.  Mostly the accent is just for fun.  I did post a couple of videos of me practicing: one’s a bit of the “wibbley-wobbly timey-whimey” speech, the other is “New Teeth/Barcelona” line.  They are on my Instagram page if people want to check it out.

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