Wednesday Wonderings For 8/31/2016

August 31, 2016

Another Wednesday…

  • Sent in my first HW assignment for the Correspondence Course with the Kubert School.  I’ve always wanted to do one of these courses, glad I am finally doing it.  Still plugging away on pages, although Convention stuff is sidetracking me now.  Hoping now that the bulk of the planning is out of the way, I’ll get a page or two up soon.
  • Starting going back to work on some older stuff that might become prints to sell.  I found an old pencil drawing I did of an Ewok when I was in college and have been doing some photoshop on it.  Not a huge fan of them, but I think there’s a market.
  • Started growing out sideburns for cosplaying.  Think I actually look really good with sideburns, so I might keep them.  Frame my face nicely.  Going to go hit up the thrift stores on my next days off, see if I can find a jacket and pants for the 10th Doctor Cosplay.  Got some time, so I’ll do plenty of recon to see if I can find something on the cheap.  Should get a red set of Converses just to complete the look.  Also going to practice the accent a bit, probably just embarrass myself.  Might just go “Alonsy” and be done with it.
  • Feel like I’ve developed a lot of clarification into why I’m going by myself to NYCC.  The coworker I’ve gone with in the past is apparently going to go on his own, but I’m skeptical.  Regardless, I think I feel better to not be the one bringing him down for a number of reasons.  Two big reasons are that I feel it would be irresponsible of me to encourage him to go given a number of factors–both of our financials being the big one–and he doesn’t really do anything that makes it worth it for him to go.  The bulk of what he does, he can do from home.  He has no interest in panels or screenings or cosplay.  Last year I had planned on not bringing him, but then there was a break-up right after I bought the tickets and I didn’t want to jump through the hoops of scalping them.

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