And There Twenty-One Harley Quinn Cosplays…

August 29, 2016

Yeah, it wasn’t really surprising to see a lot of Harley Quinn cosplay at the Vermont Comic Con, but at the same time it was.  I really only know a specific number because the 501st Imperial Legion was taking bets on how many there would be and I asked them before I left.  It’s impressive, but also a bit disappointing not to see more variety in the Cosplay.

There was a lot of really cosplay.  Saw a really good Iron Man, an amazing Jawa, a very impressive Mystique… And there was a guy there who was in this elaborate Jack Skellington getup where he was on stilts.  I was on elevator monitoring duty for a time and got watch him duck in and out of the elevator on a regular basis.  Should have gotten some pictures, but I didn’t.

Anyway, the overall volunteer experience was successful.  I got to experience the con as part of the team putting it on, which gave more perspective.  Would have liked to have done more actual more enjoying of the con.  Maybe if I volunteer again next year, I’ll only do it for one day.

Got to sit in on a couple of panels.  One where Jeremy London was discussing acting.  He had some really good stories.  After that was the Naomi Grossman panel, where she talked about playing Pepper on American Horror Story and meeting Lady Gaga.  I only got to stay for half of the Naomi Grossman one before I was reassigned to another area.  Bought a handful of comics–Three Batman Rebirth variants, and Angela: Queen of Hel #1.  Might bring those down to get signed at NYCC.  We will see.

Also bought some prints.  I’m developing a bit of a collection of prints.  Might get some frames for them.  It would be nice to have a more effective way of showing them off.


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