Wednesday Wonderings For 8/24/2016

August 24, 2016

Some thoughts for the last week.

  • Getting back to baking stuff.  Already tried one recipe from the Protein Cookbook, going to try more in coming days and weeks.  That’s going to be tomorrow’s big grocery shopping trip.  Also trying to get back to drinking Apple Cider Vinegar.  I’ve drinking a lot of Kombucha tea lately, which has a lot of the same benefits as ACV.  My mom has been making it, so I have it readily available.  As a result, I got away from drinking ACV.  Thought it might be redundant.  However, in the last few weeks or two I’ve had a few minor health issues–primarily headaches/migraines this last weekend–that might be helped by drinking ACV again.  My diet has shifted significantly over the last month or two, so my digestion might be needing a bit more help to adapt.
  • Vermont Comiccon is coming up.  I will be a volunteer there, working as “Celebrity Queue Control.”  Should be fun.
  • Excited for NYCC–still two months away–and I’ve got all my books picked out to get signed, planning to do a number of things.  Budgeting is going on.  Lot of Doctor Who stuff going on down there.  Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Jenna Coleman will be there.  And there will be a big BBC/Doctor Who event at the Madison Square Garden theatre.  Capaldi and the new companion will both be there.  Apparently they’ve booked part of MSG for NYCC this year.  Might be a ten minute walk away from the Convention it is usual at?  NYCC gets bigger every year.
  • Thinking about Cosplaying this year.  I did dress up as the 10th Doctor one year for Halloween and it came out alright–probably even better now that I have an actual budget to work with and I already have his Sonic Screwdriver that I bought at the Doctor Who booth one year–and I got a couple of other ideas I might play with.  Been shopping around for some gear in that regard.  Problem with Cosplay is you can get pretty sweaty and nasty by the end of the first day.  I could pull off a 10th Doctor or a Sherlock.
  • Did a bit of a 180 on the working nights thing.  They offered me more money.  While the money is nice, it isn’t the deciding factor.  Right now I have more of a long term plan that involves sticking with this for a bit longer.  How much longer?  We will see.

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