Wednesday Wonderings For 8/17/2016

August 17, 2016

Pretty slow week, but I can fill up a post.

  • Finally going to finish reading the Harry Potter series.  I’m about halfway through Order of the Phoenix right now.  Bought a lovely looking box set of the series.  $100 at Barnes and Noble, probably a good deal.  Got all seven books in a nice little case and when all the books are in it, the design on the spine of the books forms a picture of Hogwarts.  It looks pretty spiffy.
  • Saw something about Karen Gillan and Jenna Coleman at the Boston ComicCon and that got me thinking: The BBC has a long history of reusing actors.  Particularly with Doctor Who.  What if the Doctor regenerated into Gillan or Coleman?
  • Still trying not to talk too much politics.  Failing at times, succeeding at others.  Lot of eye-rolling going on.  This election has been such a cauterizing experience so far, and there’s still a few months to go.  I try not to get too excited about anything, if only because there haven’t been any debates yet and we’ve got two candidates who could very well end up behind bars before those even happen.  That might be some hyperbolic wishful thinking, but the options aren’t really that good.
  • Got a new Protein Powder cookbook the other day.  I’ve tried some recipes using protein powder over the years to varying results and I’ve been wanting to try some more.  There are a variety of recipes using various types of protein powders, I’ve had a hard time picking which ones to try first.  I’ll pick up ingredients and do some cooking this weekend.  There were a couple of types of breads I wanted to try, as well as a couple of dessert options.
  • Looking forward to the Vermont Comic Con.  I’m actually very proud that we’ve got that going on now.  It is good to have that option going on in our state so a trip to NYC or Boston or Chicago or San Diego does not become a necessity.  Still would be fun to visit any of those places, but it is good to have a comic con close to home.  I will be helping out there on both days.

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