The Fair Was Too Damn Hot And Other Thoughts

August 12, 2016

I went to the Fair on Thursday afternoon.  It was in the upper 90s F.  Got something to eat wandered around a bit, saw how depressed and overheated the whole place looked and said “Fuck This.”  Went home after an hour.  Admittedly, not the best time to go anyway, a bit of downtime when people are just getting out of work and things are slow.  But still.

New page in Order of the Dragon is up.  Going to try two pages a week just to keep a better pace.  Liking the progress I’ve made so far, but I’ve been getting more sluggish and losing momentum.  Might be that’s a heatwave.  I think I’ve posted this link before, but here’s a Facebook page dedicated to Order of the Dragon.  Mostly an effort to compartmentalize things.  Also starting toying with some other ideas.  There’s time travel comic I’ve been working on, as well as some reworking for Chlorine and Acid.  There’s a lot of stories I didn’t tell with Chlorine and Acid and I would like to go back to it sometime.  Maybe soon.

Odd event of the day.  I caved and downloaded Pokemon Go last week.  Barely play it really, but I have been on rare occasion.  I think I’ve got a Squirtle, a weedle, a pidgey and a zubat so far.  Anyway, I popped it open as I was leaving the gym this morning and it flashed up a warning about not playing while driving.  I guess I was walking briskly enough to fool it into thinking I was driving.  Funny.

Given how quickly your cash breaks down to smaller bills, I’ve basically been stashing small bills in an envelope for comiccon.  I think at last count I had something like $45 in $1s.  I’m kinda impressed actually.  In $1, $5, $10 bills, I’ve got like $130 ready for con.  I might use some of that for VTCC, but I’ve got figure exactly what my role there will be.  Earlier this week, I put my name in to volunteer at the Con, help with setting up whatever.  Still waiting to hear back on what exactly I’ll be doing.

Also hoping to give blood.  They hold a blood drive there every there, might do that this year.  I’ve declined in the past because I had some concerns about my body weight.  Until the last year or two, my weight was generally around 135-140 pounds.  At 5 foot 8 inches, I had a certain level of concern that I was underweight.  I don’t think I was ever officially underweight–I think I took a test once, and it said I wasn’t–but I thought I was close enough to be concerned.  That’s why I never gave blood.  However, now that I’m pushing 170 pounds, I feel much safer about the idea.  Also, work is planning to have one, so I might give then as well.


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