Wednesday Wonderings For 8/10/2016

August 10, 2016

Some random stuff.

  • Voted in the state primary.  Feeling like I have to participate more.
  • Physically I’m feeling better than I have in a long time.  Still experiencing a lot of sleep deprivation, but overall good.  Last couple of weigh-ins at the gym have been at 165 pounds, so I’m making ground there.  Using the Serious Mass mix to make a 1,300 calorie shake has helped.  Might have been a bit disconcerting to be gaining weight as quick as I have, but I think that’s in part due to how much time I spend at the gym.  I established a solid baseline to build on and that’s helped to add mass quickly.  Also, I’ve been eating like a pig.  I’ve also developed a weird habit of feeling myself up more than I should.  Might be a bit of a bad habit.
  • Well, the work stuff is sorted out a bit and I’ve come up with a much clearer plan.  Basically I’m hoping in October I’ll be much more on track with getting the ball rolling on some business ventures beyond cheese.  Primarily in the areas of comics and graphic design, but there are other options I’m exploring too.
  • Related note, I’m thinking about relationships again.  I wish I had been hitting on the Medical Assistant at the Dermatologist’s office when I was getting my warts blasted.  I think her name was Megan?  Unfortunately I was getting warts blasted so I decided against that pursuit.  Oh well.  She was hot, but knowing my luck attached to someone already.  Still got an option or two on the table.  Might get the ball rolling in that area if a few things go the right way.
  • Why is it we make our lives so complicated?  So much of it is unnecessary, so why not keep it simple?  Kind of a continuation of a few thoughts I brought up recently.  Seems like sticking to that basic idea would do a lot of good.

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