Planning And Pondering

August 4, 2016

So I ordered the Correspondence Course from the Kubert School for pencilling.  It arrived today.  I’m doing a lot of art digitally right now, but I’m hoping to go back to pencil and paper once I have the resources in place.  Refining some skills will help immensely.  Still might look into the Center for Cartoon Studies.  In addition–I guess this is some kind of “back to school” special–they sent me the Super Villains Course as well.  Hopefully going to get a chance to go through them in the near future.  I would like to be doing that right now, but I should sleep at some point.

Gets me thinking about the plans I’ve had over the years.  I’ve gotten side-tracked so easily.  I think I am much more certain about what I have to accomplish.  I intend to keep going with Order of the Dragon, might toy with some other ideas once I get a bit more of a back load of pages done.

I’ve got to go talk to my bosses tomorrow about where to go with things at work.  I am leaning towards a certain plan.  Hopefully things will get sorted out according to it.  I do have a timetable for a few things and I’m hoping I will be able to keep to it.

It also gets me thinking about relationships too.  I did decide I wasn’t going to date as long as I’m working nights and I’m glad I stuck to that.  In part, because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t trying to prove a point.  In the few months that followed if I had gotten with some girl, moved right in, gotten pets together, whatever else… would it have been a good relationship or a rebound that was trying too hard to be something?  I didn’t want to be a relationship just to prove a point.  Wasn’t really interested in a rebound or anything.  I want to make sure it is because its because I actually want to be with her and not to prove some bullshit point about moving on.

Question or two:

  1. Is America like the Gordian Knot?  Where our leaders try and try to untangle it, but only really make it worse?  When does Alexander the Great come along to cut it?  Just thinking how messed up this country actually is.
  2. In the course of a break-up, would you rather have a complex list of reasons or just have them say they don’t love you anymore?  This comes up after my mother saw my ex’s mom at a bridal shower recently.  The “lack of initiative” thing came up.  Now, I thought that was bullshit every time I heard it–she gave me other reasons too, which I also thought were bullshit–so wouldn’t it just have been more productive to keep it simple and say she didn’t love me anymore?  Sure would have been more believable than anything she said.

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