Wednesday Wonderings For 8/3/2016

August 3, 2016

Few nagging thoughts to process.

  • Have managed to get a few pages up in Order of the Dragon.  If I get some work stuff sorted out, I’m going to get set up with a correspondents course through the Kubert School.  Also thinking of looking into something with the Center for Cartoon Studies, partly to get some “formal” training.  Mostly I’m just looking to get a bit more credibility to my name.  A BFA in Creative Writing isn’t necessarily something to scoff at, but I would like to say I had a bit more going for me as far as the art is concerned.  Might even look into something with the Center for Cartoon Studies.
  • I really wasn’t intending to talk politics today.  I really wasn’t.  But I have to wonder… Is Trump really even running a Presidential campaign?  In the week he has put his relationship with a hostile power to our country in question, shown a lack of humanity in regards to a grieving mother, and has whined about a debate structure that was set in place nearly a year ago.  I don’t particularly like Clinton myself, but when her opponent is going out of his way to appear as wretched and horrid as possible…*
  • So I did bid on a different job at work and it has been a bit of a dragged out process.  They kind of figured out that I was underpaid–I never really brought it up because half the plant is underpaid and it really was something they should have caught in the performance reviews if they were actually doing their jobs–and are bumping me up a couple of bucks and giving me some backpay.  Although I personally find it hard to feel underpaid when I’m already making $5+ over most other places in the area with better benefits.  So I’m reevaluating my plan a bit.  I actually really hate these jobs I do, but I might endure it for a bit longer if I’m getting some more money.  I am planning to have my planned figured out when I go talk to them about the backpay.  Like with the art stuff, I’m kind of refining my long term plan.  If the last year and a half has taught me anything, adaptability is key.


*So I wrote this before I heard about the whole baby thing.  Or how sexual harassment should be handled.  Or whatever else he said yesterday.  This is going to be the last time I write about Trump.  It’s about time he was expunged from the collective consciousness of our country.


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