Wednesday Wonderings For 7/27/2016

July 27, 2016

A lot more politics than I intended–I really need to stop thinking about politics and focus more on other things–although there are some comic updates and a bit of thought about people thinking their smarter than everybody else–something I’m getting better at not doing.

  • Started posting Order of the Dragon on Tumblr.  Hoping to keep it rolling this time.  I’m doing a lot of different things to keep me a bit more focused and on track this time around.
  • So the Democrats are hopefully getting their collective shit together.  Hillary Clinton seems to be inclined to make these decisions that make you wonder if she’s even trying to win this election.  There have been concerns that the primary was rigged in her favor and the DNC chair resigned as a result.  What does Clinton do in response?  Names that person as an honorary chairperson on her campaign.  It just seems she’s out of touch with reality, which is one of the reasons I have a hard time supporting her.  For someone who’s been in politics since the 1960s, I feel like she just lacks a basic comprehension of how people perceive her and her history.  It hurts the perception people have when she reinforces it like that.  I will applaud Bernie if only because I do think he’s already more focused on getting people elected to congress than he ever was to getting nominated President.
  • And then there’s Donald Trump.  I cannot fathom how this man has garnered so much unconditional support–well, some it is Clinton trying her best to lose, but still.  This guy has been strongly compared to Hitler while showing too much admiration for some remarkably horrible human beings, puts forth policy that experts on both sides agree will be disastrous and just in general is no one who should be near public office.  I mean, look at the email thing with the DNC.  The right may complain about Clinton’s numerous flaws, but I have to wonder how close Trump is to the Russians.  I mean, two or three of his top staffers have strong ties to Putin or his allies and Trump has gotten a lot of money from Russian banks.  I have to wonder how close he is to committing treason.
  • Last political point.  Vote Green Party or Libertarian?  Why not?  I’m been giving serious thought to voting for Jill Stein over the past month or two, but I will give Gary Johnson every chance to prove to me a Libertarian will get shit done.  Our two major parties have given us the two most radioactive options at their disposal, so why not?  Stein?  Johnson?  The guy with the boot on his head?  If enough people say “Fuck this, I’m not voting for either of these clowns”, something might actually happen.
  • In a lot of stories I write, there has been a tendency to explore this idea of the smartest person in the room.  In the simplest terms possible: The ego and belief of that status often limits the implied superiority and stifles ideas.  Kind of happens all over the place.  In politics where you have the “True Believers” is a particularly dangerous spot, with the belief in ideology trapping each party in failed theories.  It is important to have ideas, but also not to get trapped by them.  I’ve known a few people that have gotten caught up in that.  The number of problems that could have been solved simply by acknowledging that you don’t necessarily know everything…  That somebody else might have a better idea…  I know there have been a few times when the ideas that can solve a problem are right in front of you, but ego or belief prevents you from doing it.  I feel like I’m beating my head against the wall in a couple of cases where this happens.  The point is, being right doesn’t always get you what you want.  Sometimes you might be better off being wrong.  The important thing is to get the right idea in the end.

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