Restoring Balance

July 16, 2016

I’m lying in bed right now, wearing this “Swole Wars” t-shirt I bought off of Flex Comics and I’m pondering the balance of life.  Because what is more likely to get one thinking about balance than a fitness related spoof of Star Wars?  In a lot of ways, I just feel like working out is a Jedi thing to do.  Devoting and discipling yourself to bring balance the Force within yourself and around you.  I’m also on a bit of a Star Wars kick the last few days.

As I lie here, I wonder about the balances of my own life.  I’ve essentially overhauled my lifestyle to better focus on bringing about balance.  Working out, eating better, drawing, writing… These are all part of that balance.  I look and feel better than I have in a long time–having a weekend where I’m not working midnights, instead going in at 4am is helpful–and I hope to continue that pattern.

Just realizing the importance of being at balance and connected with the world.  Creativity helps.  So does solving problems.  I’ve been in a self-imposed exile for the last year or so and I have used that time to better attune myself.  I have learned and studied and pondered the arts I lacked mastery of–even if I have yet to take full advantage of those studies.  I have waxed philosophically.  I let go my anger.

And then there’s how people fit together… It can be amazing how the right people at the right time can bring about and maintain balance.  In relation to this, I do find myself thinking about dating again.  That’s something I’m going to be very conscious of, is how we fit together and balance each other out.  While I am still sticking my decree of not dating until I’m done working midnights, I think the day is coming when I won’t be doing that anymore.  There is someone I’m actually interested in and I may yet pursue that if the opportunity does present itself.  However, balance and compatibility does maintain a presence in my mind.  Not that the whole midnights thing–which is more a self-motivator to get done with a bad idea I never should have pursued in the first place–doesn’t negate that whole idea.  The big thing is, where am I in my life?  Where is she in hers?  Does that fit together?  How would that facilitate balance with both of us?  Even bad ideas could have a good result in the end, I just want to make sure it is the right bad idea.


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