Top Five Comics I Own

June 30, 2016

Got my ticket for NYCC all sorted out.  They definitely made more hoops to jump through, I’ll give them that.  Remains to be seen what affect it will have on scalpers.  Planning on flying solo this trip.  More of an adventure that way.  Anyway, I’m in a comics mood so I started going through some of my CGC Certified Comics to see what I might be ready to sell, what I’m going to hold on to…  I’m probably not going to sell many, but I might sell one or two to help fund the trip a bit more effectively.  Going through them, I found what I’m going to rate as my top five comics.

  1. Superman #233.  I own a 9.0 copy of this one, CGC Signature Series signed by Neal Adams.  This particular comic is full of stories for me.  When I was a small child, my grandmother would give me a few of the comics my dad and his brothers read as kids.  These comics were all beat and torn to hell, but I would read them.  One of them was Superman #233.  First issue in the Krytonite Nevermore storyline, also featuring a World of Krypton back-up feature.  It was the headliner of a major revamp for the Superman line of books.  Neal Adams, one of the top artists of all-time, did the cover.  Years go by and I get a much better copy of this book.  I bring to NYCC that year with the intent of having Neal Adams sign it.  When I do, he spends the whole time harassing my girlfriend.  Being as thin-skinned as she was, she took offense to it.  I didn’t think it was a big enough deal to chide a seventy-something living legend like Neal Adams, so I didn’t really want to worry about it.  After she broke up with me, I was at the Vermont Comic Con and bought a drawing Supergirl that was essentially a cover swipe of that.  The artist who did that print told me a story about how he was at a comiccon with Adams and got a list of faults with that cover.  Apparently Adams thought it was one of the worst covers he had ever done and went into detail about how badly he screwed it up–Looking back at the cover, I can see some of the faults he was talking about.  Still love it though.  And it did provide some explanation for the harassing of my ex.
  2. Thor #193.  Bit of a crossover story with the Silver Surfer, this book is famous for being the second part of a two-part story that was the last one for Stan Lee as the writer of Thor.  It is a high value comic.  I got it signed by Gerry Conway and John Romita Sr, but didn’t get Stan Lee on it–he had raised his prices just before NYCC last year and it became a budgeting casualty.  I bought this comic on ebay for $200.  Getting it signed and graded cost me another $150.  That’s $350 I’ve invested in this book so far.  It comes back a 9.4, I’m just saying “Sweeeeet!”  Though pricing over 9.2 is considered to be too unstable to predict a value, 9.4 should at least earn back the $350 I’ve put in and then some.  I planned on holding onto it for awhile, maybe make another attempt to get Stan Lee to sign it.  I had a co-worker I’ve gone down to NYCC with over the last few years, and one of the focuses of his collection is Thor comics.  So I mentioned I had gotten a 9.4 on it with those signatures and he got jealous.  He offered to buy it off of me–he had a lower grade copy, but my nicer copy was too tempting.  We had a conversation about it where he offered me $300.  Then he tried to tell me he had no idea what it might be worth just before quoting the 9.2 value from the price guide.  At this point I realized he was trying to bamboozle me and I had enough.  To paraphrase my response in classic Luke Cage fashion: “Sweet Christmas!  What are you playin’ at fool?  Granny Cage didn’t raise no dummies!  You expect me to take a $50 loss and believe you don’t know what you could get for it?”  Which is part of the reason I’m not going to NYCC with him this year.
  3. Batman #13.  The one from the New 52, not the 1940s–probably be out of debt right now if I did have the older one.  Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo have done something special with this series.  I have been fairly lucky to have put together a complete run of the title with a few variants on the side.  I intend to get as much of it signed as I can, then try to move it all in a couple of years.  This issue had a die-cut cover where you could turn the Joker’s “mask” away to reveal Batman’s cowl.  I got this one signed at NYCC last year by Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo and Jonathan Glapion.  Came back a 9.6, pretty good given the cover.
  4. Warlock #10.  Bit of an under the radar book here.  The Infinity Gauntlet and Gems have been the underlying theme of the MCU since the first Avengers movie, I’ve been collecting a lot of the Warlock and Captain Marvel books that dealt with the early Thanos run in 1970s, as well as the Silver Surfer and Infinity Gauntlet stories of the late eighties and early nineties.  While there are books with a higher profile and more value, this one is something I’m proud of given that it has an origin for not only Thanos, but Gamora as well.  At a 9.6 while signed by Jim Starlin, I have some high hopes for this one is the coming years.
  5. Thor #337.  I got to stand in line for awhile for this one.  I had a certified CGC blue label that I got cracked open for Walt Simonson to sign.  9.4 copy, paid $50, probably another $50 to get it signed and regraded.  The big thing about this issue is that it is the first appearance of Beta Ray Bill.  Beta Ray Bill is an alien that becomes Thor for a couple of issues before Thor regains Mjolnir.  The character has had prominent role in Thor comics, even becoming a paramour of the Lady Sif for a time–might seem weird, but I guess it worked in the comics.  Anyway, the character has been anticipated to make an appearance in some form in either Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 or Thor: Ragnarok–He does play a role in the comics Ragnarok–so this is a hot book.

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