Wednesday Wonderings For 6/29/2016

June 29, 2016

Bit of randomness mostly.

  • The Brexit fallout continues to be fascinating to watch.  The leaders of the Leave Campaign have been admitting they probably can’t keep many of the promises they made while a petition has gathered 2.5 million signatures to have a second vote–the argument being that the first was so close–so many unknowns to it all.  I don’t know if they should or shouldn’t revote, who knows what would happen?  If anything, I think the Leave Campaign failed to understand the destabilization all this could bring about.  I can’t help but think they’ve set themselves up for bigger problems later on.
  • Thinking I’m going to replace a part of my workout rotation with a round of kayaking.  I inadvertently tried this last week, when I went out kayaking then did a lighter back and core workout at the gym.  Worked out pretty well.  Given that the majority of back machines/ exercises have “row” somewhere in their name, it only makes sense.  So yeah, I’m going to scale back the back/core days to accommodate a larger focus on the kayaking.  Something where I focus on the lower back and abs at the gym while I do most of the upper back work on the water.  Should be a good change of pace for the summer.  Also was benching 165 lbs on a decline bench with a tw0 inch diameter bar for four reps.  Doubt that will mean much to anyone, but I’m proud of myself for not dying.  Also started using Power Bands for Abduction work.  Those and foam rollers are amazing.
  • Weight Gainer seems to be doing its job, although I think it is dehydrating me a bit more than I would like.  Probably going to try a different one when I use up the Combat XL.  To be honest, I bought that stuff because it was cheaper.  I am a bit more trusting of Optimum Nutrition’s products to begin with, so I’m kinda kicking myself for going against my habits.
  • Reading about how Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron are encouraging China to consume less meat.  In part because of the environmental effects of production and processing.  I guess Schwarzenegger has recently gone vegetarian at the recommendation of his doctor.  Personally, I’ve never been convinced that going vegetarian is necessarily healthier.  Humans are in general omnivores and we evolved that way for a reason.  As I’ve said on supplements, I’m trying to maintain a certain level of balance and that applies to actual composition of meals as well.  A balance and a variety is vital in some many ways.  And one of my main concerns about going vegetarian has been that there are any number of fats and acids and nutrients that you get from meat that you would not necessarily get from plant based foods–at least not without consuming massive quantities.  I try to stick to quality, local products when it comes to meat.  It can be hard, but I try.  Just giving my two cents on that argument, still think balance is the key and meats do make that balance easier to achieve.
  • Hoping to start posting some pages again.  Probably will set up something for Order of the Dragon on Tumblr.  Or something.  Might even figure out a way to get the file sizes down to the requirement for The Duck.
  • I don’t watch Game of Thrones, although I do passively follow what happens on the show.  I tend to prefer the books, I think George R.R. Martin does have a certain level of nuance that the show lacks.  Or I might just be spouting some hipster nonsense.  Regardless, I do find some of the recent revelations to be interesting.
  • While I am not planning to put a lot of focus on getting books signed at NYCC this year–if I do indeed end up going–I have been eyeing a few to buy.  Mostly Star Wars Variant Covers.  The guy who has written a lot of those book will be at NYCC.
  • Saw a video about how cutting home ec classes has created a generation that can’t cook or sew or do basic finances.  Admittedly I might not be the most skilled in those areas–I would unskilled and out of practice, but not be completely lost sewing something, figuring out patterns, whatever–but it does paint a bit of a picture.  I would start changing my own oil on my Jeep but I still bring it to a shop to get a set of experienced eyes to catch potential problems–plus given all the computers in cars these days, I’m a bit scared to do it myself.  Learning new skill sets and filling in those gaps in my knowledge is always something I have enjoyed.  Creating more independence and self-sufficiency feels more like basic survival these days.  I have to wonder how many people I know–past, present or future–could sew a button back on or tell the different between a teaspoon and a tablespoon.  Makes me wonder.
  • Continuing from the last topic, I tended to think of myself as more evolved because I can do a fair number of things in the kitchen–I might not do it well, but I can separate eggs and regularly avoid overwhipping cream–and in a number of other areas.  I work out, I write, I draw… I do tend to think of myself as more evolved in a lot of ways.  Not trying to be egotistical when I say that, though it probably comes across that way.  I’m just trying to improve everyday.  I don’t claim to be superior to anyone–if I am, I’ll let other people decide that and I think a few have.  Point is, I’m just trying expand my skill sets in all areas and address any issues I might have–even feel like I’ve addressed a few that weren’t really mine.  Point is, I have an array of skills already, and I can be and am adding more everyday.  Not everybody does that.

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