Insomnia Sets In…

June 24, 2016

So I go back to work tonight, and as I per usual, I cannot sleep.  So I’m going to post some  thoughts on the Brexit, Dogs and a few other trivial matters.

  • A lot of local restaurants that have been liking my posts on Instagram.  It’s a bit disconcerting, not gonna lie.  Well, it might be a bit weirder when it is a topless selfie.  Though it does reminds me, I haven’t been to Sabai Sabai or Mister Ups in awhile.  I actually liked the Thai food and would like to try it again.  I should check it out again.
  • Trying Muscle Pharm’s Combat XL mass builder to gain more weight.  Urgh.  I’m going to use this stuff up and try something different.  I gotta do some more research on it.
  • So Britain did leave the EU.  I’m going to refrain from calling them “Great” or a “United Kingdom” for a little while.  52% to leave, 48% to stay.  And their economy took a swan dive.  I was also reading an article or two about how Scotland and Northern Ireland were actually heavily in favor of staying.  Might even bring about a vote to unify Ireland and reignite the talk of Independence for Scotland.  My knowledge is lacking in this area, but I have been under the impression that Britain looked down on the Scots and the Northern Irish a bit.  Add David Cameron resigning and we’ve got a potential cluster fuck.  I like the idea of the EU if only because it feels like a forward thinking policy on economics and borders.  I admit there have been bumps in the road with the EU–Greece is the big one–but I still think it was a step in the right direction.  Given how international and interconnected the world is becoming, no country is an island–even those that literally are islands.  Closing borders… this “taking back” our country bullshit… in a lot of ways we have to realize the independence every country enjoyed once is not really there any more.  Economies are global and our governments will be going that direction too.  Let’s just keep moving forward and the rest of the world will catch up.
  • So my Aunt and Uncle are in Europe and we’ve got their dog for a few days.  He’s a Bouvier de Flandres.  French herding dog, apparently.  Anyway, the dog has always been a bit… quirky.  He’s an old dog with bad hips and might be a bit senile.  I’ve read up on the breed a bit and I know they are supposed to be intelligent dogs, if a bit ugly.  So he’s lived with us and he’s chased after my cat a couple of times.  Treed him once on the cat tree and they got into a scuffle this morning–Poor Loki was all out of sorts, got the gash across my stomach to prove it.  After treeing Loki, I guess the dog wiped out pretty good and I was hoping he learned his lesson.  No such luck.  I’ve suspected this dog was someway neurotic.  There were any number of behavioral issues with him.  My question was always whether or not it was a nature or nurture issue.  I personally always thought there was a lack of training.  There were any number of behaviors I thought he should have been discouraged from.  My cat has been fine with dogs once he gets used to them.  Hell, when my ex’s dog was living with us, he got along with her better than the other cats in the house.  I guess it is just like people getting old, old dogs struggle in various ways too.  I known a senile dog or two that were just fine to be around and had no problem with cats.  This dog was never really trained to deal with cats in the first place, so he has no learning to fall back on.
  • Thinking about dogs I’d like to look into getting.  I’ve liked the Huskies and Malamutes, as well as Australian Shepherds.  Something might catch my eye.  I’ve ruled out a few breeds.  Because of the various issues with my uncle and aunts dog, I won’t be interested in a Bouvier de Flandres.  I’ve ruled out miniature dogs if only because I don’t see much difference between having them and a cat in some ways.  I’ve also ruled out hounds–and in case people are wondering, I am aware that my ex has a Bassett Hound but I’ve held this opinion for years.  Hounds… I’ve never really liked the look, the look of any of the breeds.  They’re just so droopy.  Like if the temperature breaks eighty degrees they will finish melting.  And while I’m sure there are differences in the specific breeds, I’m not sure the behavioral aspects I’m looking for are going to be there.  I want a dog I can train to respond to Dragonborn shouts.  “Wuld” meaning “Come to Me” or “Fus Ro Da” meaning “attack”.  That type of thing.  It would be fun.
  • I was so close to deciding not to buy a PS4.  They announced a new Batman game, I said, “Meh, not for one game.”  Final Fantasy VII remake, “I can play the original whenever I feel so inclined.”  Uncharted 4, “Soooo tempting, but the third one actually wrapped things up nicely.”  Skyrim rerelease with improved graphics, “…You sons of bitches.  Take my money.”  So I will be getting a PS4.  I’m just going to wait until I’ve made a bit more progress on my debts.  And I had I been doing so well, over a year since I’ve played any video games.

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