Wednesday Wondering For 6/15/2016

June 15, 2016

Brief review of some work stuff, some art stuff, some workout stuff.

  • The more I hear about Orlando, the more senseless it seems.  The relationship between Islam and the LBGT community is one I am not too familiar with–although I think there was a girl I went to school with that converted to Islam and was a lesbian.  Or was queer or bi, my memory fails me about what exactly she identified as then or now.  My point is, there probably are a lot more layers to what is unfolding here than we knew.
  • Stared working  again on that drawing of Spider-Gwen I did months ago.  Basically inked it in Photoshop.  Not done with it yet, but I’m liking the progress.  Started coloring it.  Looking into selling prints on Patreon or somewhere else, that might be one I do.  Got a few others I can be working on, will probably do that as I get back into working on pages of Order of the Dragon.
  • Signed up for the “Bro Tank Club” on Flex Comics.  Mostly because I keep wanting to buy some of their shirts and stuff, but I can’t pick one out.  So I figured I would sign up for their monthly thing, let them send me the new design each month.
  • Switched up my preworkout supplement the other day.  It was a bit more powerful than I expected.  Like alternate state of consciousness powerful.  It’s called Mr. Hyde, one of the more powerful ones out there.
  • I got to work three jobs at once for part of last Sunday.  Not really happy about that.  I still haven’t quite calmed down enough to have a rational conversation with management about my feelings on the matter.  Probably by the time I have my review.  In related news, I learned that it takes less to get a background check to purchase an AR-15 than it does for work to do one for a new hire.  Probably a different system, but it still makes me wonder about a number of things.
  • Starting to plan out NYCC.  Did the fan verification thing, might be heading down by myself this year.  I went with a coworker the last five years, my girlfriend at the time for three of those as well.  I was already reevaluating the dynamics last year–had half a thought to ditch the coworker and make it a bit of honeymoon before stuff went south last summer–and a number of events have led me to believe there needs to be a change.  Mostly, I just think that whatever goals I had with that team have been accomplished and if they aren’t, they probably won’t be.  I am very much looking to try to sell my own work instead of dealing other peoples.  I also miss NYC a bit.  If it wasn’t going to cost an insane amount of money I might try to get in to see Hamilton.

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