Mostly Venting

June 13, 2016

(I freely admit, most of this is angry venting. I hope at least some of this would come across as, you know, common sense.  Mostly just angry venting though.)

Thinking about Orlando for a bit.  It’s all just… wow.  I think as unspeakable as it was, we have to remember hate only spawns more hate.  In a lot of ways, I’m always disappointed when you have politicians and high profile public figures spew hate speech–it is hate speech– and do not take the responsibility for the consequences of their words.  We saw this in the Planned Parenthood shooting where every Republican took a turn condemning the organization before that guy shot it up.  No one acknowledged that their discourse encouraged that–they can blame his mental health all they want, but who was putting those ideas in his head?  We see it again with this shooting.  Trump is basically saying “I was right.”  This is a man that has actively pushed for a ban of Muslims coming into this country.  If he and his party cannot acknowledge that their rhetoric about Islam and the LGBT community lays the groundwork for these shooting and attacks, there will only be more of this.  I’m not saying we walk on eggshells when it comes to Islam, but blind hatred hasn’t gotten us anywhere.  Why would it start now?

Related to that, I’ve been thinking on the gun control debate again.  Personally, I don’t buy half the arguments against tougher restrictions.  Australia’s gun control policies: no mass shootings since 1996, decrease in gun related homicides and suicides without an increase to those by alternative means.  You don’t hear as much about that.  The part of the Second Amendment–I do find it odd that our whole debate on this subject depends on four simplistic clauses written when the pinnacle of firearm technology was a slow reloading musket with poor accuracy–that people nobody likes to acknowledge: “being necessary for the security of a free state.”  The question I would ask is this: when do all these automatic assault weapons being in circulation all around the country cease to be a necessity and rather a threat to the security of a free state?  I don’t think I’m the only one beginning to wonder if this is a free country anymore.



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