Wednesday Wonderings for 6/8/2016

June 8, 2016

Some odd thoughts for the week, sunburn, politics, a year of being single, unfinished work.

  • It really says something about this country when the two major political parties go out of their way to nominate the two candidates that the majority of the population has a negative opinion of.  I cannot believe I am saying this, but I might end up voting Libertarian this year.  I don’t necessarily agree with Johnson on a few major points–particularly the economy–but at least I can determine where he actually stands.  And he seems less likely to start World War III.  Of course I’m hoping for Sanders to pull off some kind of miracle.
  • I mentioned in the kayak post it will be one year of being single this week.  Figured out the official mark will be Friday.  Maybe I should throw a party or something?  Ha ha, that would be funny.  Pretty cool with it.  I suppose I’d like to get laid a bit more often, but whatever–did all that reading up on the Kamasutra last year, I’m a little saddened to not have taken more advantage of that.  Saw a gym meme about men vs. women and how they handle a break-up.  The joke was that months later the guy will be in the best shape of his life while the girl will be getting fat.  I have put on ten pounds of muscle since then, so… I suppose on my side there is some truth to it.  I’m just trying to enjoy life and wondering how much my gains would have increased if I was getting proper sleep.  I just feel I’ve proven everything I’ve had to prove.*
  • Got a bit sunburned the other day while kayaking.  It’s settled down nice and now I am tanning gloriously.
  • I think reviews at work should be done in the next week or two.  Probably a lot of back and forth about me wanting to go back to pushing cheese.  I can’t help but wonder, would things be better with a union in place?  We do have a good pay rate and benefits without the presence of a union, but I have to wonder if this staffing shortage and the events leading to it would have even happened with a union?  Or if a lot of the malcontents have lasted as long as they did?  You wouldn’t think that about the malcontents, but I think the arbitration of disputes might have a lot more steps without a union and therefore take longer.  Another side would fill in some gaps that create more bureaucracy?  I don’t know.  I think management has made a few missteps–not just on staffing matters, but overall–if only because they don’t really have a real check in place.  Idle speculation mostly.
  • Speaking of work, I had a bit of an interesting conversation there.  An older guy was giving me some wisdom on women and he asked if I knew the origin of the c-word.  It’s a word I rarely use, and if I have it was usually in reference to my coworkers.  He explained it to me as meaning “can’t understand normal thinking.”  Has that same feel as “fornication under consent of the king” to it.  Given the number of people I know that seem to function on their own logic, I can understand that sentiment.  Doesn’t change what a derogatory term it has become though.
  • Might order another Flex Comics tank top or two at some point.  The first one I got was awesome and helped that whole “Under Armour Spokesmodel” thing I had going.  Having comic or nerd related workout gear is really just me.  And brings balance to the force.


*Quick note:  I just wanted to add in some ways I might have taken more responsibility for things that went wrong than I ever should have.  Without passing judgement on anybody else, I can honestly say I tried to make things better.


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