Further Thoughts

May 27, 2016

Getting ready to go to work on maybe two hours of sleep…  so normal rest.  Hectic couple of days.

I did discuss the whole wedding thing with my mother the other day.  I encouraged her to go and she seems to want to go.  Her big hesitation on going is how things would go with my ex’s family.  They’re perfectly fine people, but there was a lot my ex and I did not handle very well.  I would be the first to say there senseless bullshit on both our parts going on, which both of us were responsible for.  Like I mentioned, the bride was one of my sister’s friends growing up and Mom watched them grow up.  She’s still friends with this girl’s mother.  And she had a lot to do with getting them together.  I know the groom was very appreciative of Mom’s counsel in learning about this girl.

So I’m trying to figure out if there is anything to do or say to ease her mind on this.  I think she should go, but I’m not sure how to approach that.  I almost want to say something to the couple, but maybe see if they want to talk to her.  I’m… hesitant to do too much though, especially with my ex’s family.  I burned some bridges pretty thoroughly, regardless of some subtext I picked up on in a couple of instances lately–some small hints, distantly connected individuals asking about my feelings about my ex, etc.  At the moment, the best thing for me to do might be to just do nothing.  There might be things I can accomplish, but the first step isn’t mine to take.

I mentioned how my grandfather had Lyme Disease and it accelerated his mental decline?  Thursday he got into a car accident.  He’s in the hospital for a variety of stuff right now.  Needless to say, there’s a bit of discussion about where to go next.  He’s 90-something–I think I said 94 the other day, but when you get that old, it can be hard to keep track–and he’s maintained a decent level of independence up to this point.  He’s slipped rapidly though.  There’s a struggle for my dad and his siblings to do more to deal with all this.  They are going to have to face some realities.

On the plus side, when I couldn’t sleep yesterday, I started working on this pretty kickass drawing of Captain Marvel.  Did some more finish work on it this morning.  Not 100% happy with it, might tweak it a bit, but overall some productivity when I couldn’t sleep.Carol Danvers Finished.jpg


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